You have a birthchart

You were born in time and space. After nine months inside your mother’s womb you got your curtain call to appear on the stage of life. And right then and there you encountered your very first problem – an urgent need for air.

Here’s the scenario. When you were born you were suffering from some degree of oxygen deficiency. At the time of delivery there may have been no oxygen in the umbilical blood and when the umbilical circulation ceased you were no longer getting oxygen from your mother. Blood had to flow to your lungs – thousands of uninflated air sacs had to be filled with air – and during the birthing procedure the birth canal exerted pressure on your chest. This along with the lack of oxygen and the sudden encounter with a cool new environment may have stimulated you to inhale. And you probably began to breathe, without any external stimulation, within seconds of being born – even before the umbilical cord was cut.

But filling your lungs with air wasn’t easy. It has been estimated that your very first breath – the one that started your human-life journey – required five times more effort than any ordinary breath and following this dramatic first moment you may have announced your arrival by uttering a cry. It was a signal for the family celebrations to start.

The planets in the sky celebrated too. Unbeknownst to you the stimulation they gave the thought-cells in your unconscious soul-mind played a crucial role in the proceedings. And they have been with you from the time you took your very first breath. They have sustained the development of your character and abilities. They have shared in your emotional joys, intellectual delights, triumphs and victories. They have been with you through the struggles, sadness, disappointments and failures. And they’ve cheered, applauded and encouraged. Your soul – you see – is tagged to the stars and planets. You have a birthchart.

Your life began in time and space and the journey started the moment you took your very first breath. So your birthchart – the chart that provides you with a blueprint of your character and a schedule of experiences that will sustain its development – is constructed for your time and place of birth. It captures your birth moment as an astrological event.

Your birth time should have been documented on your birth certificate or a birth record.  And the three bits of data needed to calculate your birthchart are: your date of birth, your time of birth and the latitude and longitude coordinates of your place of birth. Your birth time is the crucial factor and a very precise birth time provides a very precise chart and a clearer image of your character and life experience.

You exist and your birth was not a meaningless accident. You were born in the right place at the right time so your being here is not a fortuitous event. Your character is not a randomly assembled set of traits and qualities. You have skills and abilities and a mental life that is uniquely yours. You have a birthchart and it’s a tell-all self-information provider. And your birthchart, plus your conditioning by experience, plus your current circumstances explain how you got to be who you are today.

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