The chart is a self-data generator

The astrology skeptics are everywhere but imagine having a map of your character that lives and breathes. Imagine having a map that reveals the functionality of your thought and feeling world. And imagine having a map that describes your life story. Well, that’s your birthchart. It’s up-close and very, very personal. It’s a tell-all self-information provider – a self-data generator – and it knows all about you.

Insight is the sensation of knowing something about yourself that you had not previously known or realized. And your birthchart provides valuable insights into your character and the experiences needed to sustain its development. You have to work with what you’ve got and your birthchart displays ability and capacity – your natural resources. The chart, as a kit of personal resources, is the perfect reference for understanding your natural aptitudes, how they can be developed into ability, and where they can be employed to do the greatest good. These personal insights allow you to play a proactive role in your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Your birthchart is a store of self-information. It’s printed in astrological text and Hermetic astrology allows you to access the data. The chart pinpoints potential trouble spots and reveals what you can do to prevent their development, or effectively manage the discomfort and stress they cause. It provides a description of your behavior in a specific setting and this allows you to plan for a better behavior outcome. It details your body’s changing nutritional needs and this allows you to plan for a better health outcome. As a database of states of consciousness the chart provides valuable insights regarding your satisfaction providers and what you have to do to find peace of mind and contentment. It allows you to open the door to a higher state of spiritual awareness.

Your birthchart adds a previously undreamed of dimension to your self-research project and Hermetic astrology provides an orderly and systematic procedure to the self-research process. The chart provides personal truths – authentic soul-deep messages – that you need to know, but the raw data means very little until patterns of order are discerned and interpreted. The data must be logically sequenced in a manner that permits a clear understanding of its relevance and importance. The chart allows you to systematically develop a personal hierarchy of self-information. You should trust it to navigate you to where you want to be. The chart allows you to focus your thoughts on beneficial personal outcomes – good health, financial stability, mental contentment and spiritual growth. It ensures that you will succeed in your search for happiness and that your pursuit of contentment, social usefulness, self-respect and spirituality will have a happy ending.

Self-knowledge allows you to enhance personal insight. It allows you to live an examined life. And your birthchart allows you develop a much stronger relationship with yourself than you ever thought possible. It tells a story that you must know and understand. It’s a self-data generator that provides you – the curious thinker – with information about yourself. And your job, as the data-miner, is to collect the data, analyze what it means and take action.

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