The chart displays your astrology code

You’re not just an accidental, chance array of chemicals. So there’s an urgent need to explain who you are and why you’re here. There’s a pressing demand for something that clearly reveals your character, life experience, future potential and reason for being.

It’s estimated that your body contains over 100 trillion cells and each one is a chemical factory that contains a complete set of DNA molecules, packaged into chromosomes. Genes are instructions in your body’s chemical plan. They control thousands of different physical traits and characteristics and your body has a genetic code.

Your mind is an organization of thought elements, thought-cells, thought-cell groups and thought-cell structures. It’s a dynamic thought system where states of consciousness emerge in response to experience and it has a conscious and not-conscious part. Thoughts and feelings are the building blocks of your character and just as your body has a genetic code, your mind or soul has an astrology code. It provides your consciousness or character with an astrological blueprint or plan of development.

You’re being built by natural forces and laws that are perfect and precise. Their influence on your consciousness development is a scientific fact. And all your behavior is an expression of astrological forces behaving in accordance with nature’s laws. So your character and intelligence development are natural phenomena resulting from your soul’s life experience and the astrological forces and laws operating in your birthchart. These laws are God’s way of ensuring that you get the training you need to perform the work you’ve been assigned in the Grand Cosmic Enterprise.

Your astrology code takes you inside yourself. It details a blueprint for your soul’s consciousness development. It provides a character template and reveals how your soul’s developmental journey will be organized into a consciousness structure that includes skills, abilities and a unique, special talent. Your astrology code details a personal potential that emerges and develops through experience. The dominant markers in the code have more power and influence and weak markers may have their influence reduced. But weakness should always be viewed as an impediment. Physically you may have weak knees, weak eyes, or a weak sense of smell. Weakness compromises the function of an organism. And the code is not active all the time. Markers are being turned on and off by astrological events called progressions.

The code operates in a personal environmental setting and must be placed in a cultural context. It provides exquisitely accurate diagnostic tests. Both the predisposition and the time it can develop are clearly revealed. But there’s discord in the code that expresses as dangerous impulses and selfish tendencies. These cause mishap and misadventure and impede your self-development. And you’ll turn out according to your astrology code unless you modify or change what’s indicated.

Your astrology code proclaims that you’re a microcosm of the universe with a spectacular potential. And to understand your life – your thought and feeling world – you must know your astrology code and the astrological laws that govern your self-development. Your mental world is not genetically created so when it comes to understanding your life genes and DNA won’t help. You need to know your astrology code, your now-astrology, your history and current circumstances. Your character takes center-stage and it’s a living expression of your unique and very special astrology code.

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