Heredity, environment and conditioning by experience

Heredity is commonly viewed as the genetic data needed to build and run a complex organic machine like your body. This chemical data was provided by an egg cell from your mother and a sperm cell from your father. But your soul’s evolutionary journey has provided it with another type of data – ability and intelligence. Your parents provided the genetic data needed to construct your physical body and your soul supervised its construction. It knew what to do – either through abilities learned from previous experience or other experiences passed on to it by the genes which transmit racial characteristics. And your birthchart details inherited psychological data that allows you to see your heredity in a dynamic new context.

The start of your self-conscious existence took place in a dynamic family setting. This is where your mental heritage continued its development. And during your childhood your character and its psychological drivers were exposed to a unique situational setting – your family and home life. The events and conditions you experienced at this time were crucial. They were planted in fertile ground and the behavior patterns they formed established life-long trends. Your family life circumstances – particularly your mother and father – were a powerful situational force. The events and conditions you experienced at this time of your life set the stage for the conditioning of the states of consciousness that had already been formed by previous experience. Your behavior today is simply your character doing its thing. It’s the starting point of your future self.

Your birthchart revealed a potential to develop habit systems in response to human-life experiences, but the actual formation of the habit took place after birth. The raw, unconditioned, mental resources you were born with were conditioned by your environment after birth. And this means your birthchart does not map (unconscious) thought-cell desires that are seeking specific human events. The chart maps ten dynamic psychological drivers in a unique personal arrangement and the life experience these mental resources weave is determined by your experiences after birth.

But your conditioning by environment is in accordance with the thought-cell pattern displayed in your birthchart. The conditioning of the energy expressed by a thought-cell group or thought complex becomes more specific because the new environmental setting is now providing events and conditions that are uniquely human. The conditioning process, employing pleasure and pain, trains the thoughts, feelings and impulses to react and behave in a specific way. And the harmony or discord built into a thought-cell group by previous experience determines if the events and conditions it now desires will be fortunate and beneficial or unfortunate and detrimental.

Your birthchart reveals a harmony and discord potential but experiences after birth can alter the harmony or discord built into a thought-cell group. This means that a harmonious thought-cell group could have been trained to feel discordant – the discordant conditioning energy now giving it a destructive intent: And a discordant thought-cell group could have been trained to feel harmonious – the harmonious conditioning energy now giving it a constructive intent. Chances are that thought-cell desires within your starter pack have been reconditioned after birth not only by harmony and discord, but by the specific things for which they work. But this is a difficult judgment requiring a thorough and careful assessment of all the real-life evidence.

It’s your local environment that provides the life-matters, people, interests and behaviors that turn a particular desire or character trait on and it’s difficult to judge from the birthchart what has actually happened. But when you do your own chart many uncertainties disappear. You know what has happened in your life and you will be able to quickly identify the character trait and its astrological marker that is responsible for each outstanding event that has occurred so far. You will be able to tell how a particular unconscious urge is behaving and whether it is working to attract fortunate or unfortunate events.

Your behavior in a particular environmental setting is simply your character doing its thing.  Only you know how you feel in a particular place or situation. The first experience set a trend and your inaugural feeling response that you felt at the time not only returned when the same or a similar experience recurred, it keeps on returning. Through a process involving regular repetition both your feeling response and the event have become a habit and a predictor of future conduct. A regularly repeated thought or feeling response represents a well developed character trait and your character today displays itself as an array of personal experiences that cause you to feel and behave the way you do.

The astro-image pictured in your birthchart provides otherwise unknowable information. It provides you with an astrological identity and explains who you are and why you are here. You’re here to expand your consciousness, and your life is a unique developmental experience through which you develop abilities, life-skills, love and wisdom. Your birthchart pictures in universal symbolism this developmental experience as an astrological potential and your heredity, environment and conditioning by experience paint a complete picture of the forces that have shaped your character.

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