About your unconscious mind or soul

Everyone apparently has one but the theories and perspectives on the unconscious mind are remarkably varied. Some doubt its existence, some see it as rather dumb with limited powers, while others view its influence as pervasive and powerful. The Freudian model is still popular and evolutionary biology, one of materialistic science’s genetically produced disciplines, has provided a gene-created theory. There’s a lot of research going on, but there’s a tendency to complicate the subject matter and there’s no guarantee that modern day researchers will discover anything new. Researchers in the past left no stone unturned in their search to understand the unconscious mind and they have provided a wealth of valuable explanations and insights.

Thomas J Hudson, for example, was an American psychical researcher who, after observing various types of psychic phenomena, came to the conclusion that you possessed, in addition to your ordinary everyday consciousness, mental abilities and mental processes of which you were unaware. In his Law of Psychic Phenomena, first published in 1893, he sets forth the theory and demonstrates by many examples of their workings, that you have two minds. The common everyday one, of which you are ordinarily conscious, he called your objective mind. And the other, whose operations are a no-knowledge zone, he termed your subconscious mind.

At the time other researchers confirmed Hudson’s findings. Applying laboratory methods of the most exacting nature in their tests, they found that mind was dual, but they attached a different name to the subconscious mind. They joined the Latin, limen, meaning threshold, to sub, meaning under, to form the word subliminal, signifying those states of consciousness which are below the threshold of everyday consciousness. Then with the coming of Freud and the vast literature on psychoanalysis which followed him, a new terminology developed. And what had once been called the subconscious mind, and later the subliminal mind, is now commonly recognized by social psychology as the unconscious mind.

Great credit is due Thomas J Hudson for his theory of the subconscious mind and the logical manner in which he explained its workings. His Law of Psychic Phenomena, with over 47 printings, is one of the most successful books of the past century. And he was a great forerunner of modern day giants of science, psychology and theology. But this duality of the mind is not a modern conception. Even Homer knew something about it, and his Greek information was derived from still more ancient Chaldea.

These Greeks engaged in artistic expression rather than argumentative discussion, and thus what they knew, instead of being dryly stated as fact, more often than not was clothed in the beauty of legend or the grace of sculpture. And because their profound conceptions came to them from Chaldea, where ideas were inseparably bound up to their starry correspondences, star lore was not absent in their finer expression. To them, the Chaldeans and modern day Hermetic astrologers, the zodiacal sign Gemini rules the mind. And this section of the zodiac, in turn, is pictured in the sky by the constellation of the Twins, the chief stars of which are Castor and Pollux.

According to Greek legend, the twins, Castor and Pollux, engaged in a battle with rivals for the hands of certain fair maidens. During the fight Castor was killed. And Pollux, who was immortal, was so attached to his brother that he was unwilling to survive him and besought Zeus to restore Castor to life. Zeus consented but there was one condition – only one of the brothers would be permitted on earth at a time, the other being detained in the underworld. Homer relates it: ‘By turns they visit this ethereal sky. And live alternate and alternate die.’

Thus did the old Greeks explain the vulnerability of Castor – the objective mind – who was killed; and the immortal and enduring unconscious mind – Pollux – which retains its character and could not be slain. And it is as true today as it was 2900 years ago when Homer wrote, that while the objective mind is awake and active, the unconscious mind finds meager opportunity for physical expression. It remains in the underworld. But when the objective mind sleeps, or for other causes is no longer active in physical affairs, the unconscious mind takes charge.

The ancients were under no illusion that Pollux was divisible and that the consciousness that functioned on the four-dimensional plane was dual. Nevertheless they grouped those impulses relating to selfish advantage and gross desires into one category, which they called the Animal Soul; and those which relate to the welfare of others, worthy aspirations and noble deeds into another, which they called the Divine Soul.

But no matter how they’re classified, the unconscious mind, including its high aspirations and its most deplorable Freudian wishes, is an organized unity. And Hermetic astrology having conducted experiments and observations in human behavior and its response to planetary energies, provides a much clearer picture of its formation and composition than do the purely psychological schools.

The unconscious mind is no longer the mysterious thing it once was. It is a thought-built form, the cells of which are organized in a definite manner. Your character is the sum total of all your past experiences and they have become organized as thought-cells and thought structures within your unconscious mind. And because you are constantly experiencing new events and conditions your character is undergoing constant change. Your brain is not the seat of consciousness, but merely the avenue through which you gain impressions from the three-dimensional world. Consciousness and character are not physical attributes. They relate to the thought-cell organization of your soul or unconscious mind.

Your unconscious soul-mind is the dynamic thought-system that animates and controls your physical body. Its intelligence – not your conscious thinking – supervises your body’s biological processes. It has learned what to do through previous experience and training. Unconscious thought processes, representing knowledge gained by experience, control and influence your body’s biochemical activity. So the key consideration, when it comes to your health, is the performance of your unconscious mind.

And it’s very personal and very private. It’s so private that you – the conscious thinker – are denied access. It’s a developing intelligence system and your mental and emotional responses to the circumstances you encounter are saved in memory where they accumulate as mental resources. Thoughts and feelings of the same type and frequency accumulate and stored in the same energy-center within the system. You take this functional organization for granted. Energy-centers within the system steer your life in the direction of their intent. So it’s very important to realize that the astro-data provided by your birthchart pertains to your unconscious field of mental activity.

If you’re familiar with computer terminology you can think of your unconscious mind or soul as a hard drive on which your life experience gets stored as thoughts, feelings, traits and abilities. It has an opportunity, through its evolutionary journey, to acquire know-how and by the time it reaches the human stage of the journey your unconscious mind – or hard drive – has acquired a huge amount of information. The basic biological information that allows your soul to build and manage your physical body is stored within its thought-cells and thought-structures. And the life you live is an expression of your character doing its thing. With human life came an information explosion and it all gets stored on your hard drive too, even the junk stuff. Your unconscious mind never forgets an experience. It does not delete information. In fact, through repetition and practice, it gets better at using previously acquired data. So there’s no clutter in your unconscious mind, but there’s functional discord which you may liken to character viruses and worms. These character defects cannot be inactivated or quarantined by virus hunters. They will continue to express until you do something to change them. How well your character performs is up to you. It’s your job to improve your performance through an intelligently selected repertoire of challenging experiences. And you’re the only person who can eliminate the flaws and defects, the viruses and worms, from your character – the hard-drive.

So Hermetic astrology gives you back your soul and it’s a smart field of energy. It’s the intelligence system that directs your life and behavior. It’s the super-intelligence that, through training, has developed the necessary expertise to supervise the building of your physical body. It animates your body and manages its biological processes. It’s the creation of a living universe. It possesses a dynamic potential and your birthchart is inviting you – the thinker – to meet you soul. Accepting the invitation could be the best thing you ever do.

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