About the chart

A map of consciousness or character must be personal – like the genome. It must locate desires, thoughts and feelings by their attitudinal behavior and environmental cue. It must explain the mechanism that influences their functionality and it must provide a mechanism by which the strength and functional integrity of the thoughts and feelings can be measured. The birthchart fits the bill. It’s not shrouded in mystery – it has been illuminated by the light of science.

The birthchart is the only model of consciousness currently available, but it’s probably not what you were expecting. The time, date and place of birth determine its format. Yours allows you to know your own mind and to expand your identity. It explains what’s going on beneath the threshold of conscious thought and provides an objective experience of your subjective life. It provides you with a structure of your consciousness and you can study the original phenomena and the changes that have occurred subsequent to your birth. The birthchart appearing on the computer screen is your own universe. It’s a two-dimensional model of your character and life experience.

Your birthchart is a map of your character and your character is naturally inclined to attract events and conditions. The chart provides valuable intelligence regarding who you are and why you are here. As an interpretative apparatus it allows you to meet and understand your psychological self. The complex pattern of interconnected thoughts the chart profiles represents your soul’s character and intelligence development at the time of your human birth. It details your potential to display a narrow range of constructive and destructive behaviors. As a psychological template it details your true nature and reveals your personal curriculum – your appointed study course – in the school of life.

Your mind is an uncharted world, but your birthchart allows you to investigate yours – systematically, truthfully and safely. It allows you to learn about your non-conscious thoughts and feelings and how they – by electromagnetically accessing your brain – become your conscious thoughts and behavior. The chart pictures how you think and feel – it allows you to document yourself from the inside. It provides first-person data and if you approach your birthchart with a positive attitude and realistic expectations you will come away with a clear understanding of who you are and why you are here. It will have you rethinking your life and existence. The construction of the map is dependent upon three very personal bits of information – your time, date and place of birth – and a documented birth time permits the calculation of a superior, very accurate chart.

Astrological rules and principles are easy to learn and your birthchart does not display thousands of astrological markers. It’s a simple map that pictures the astrological environment – the 10 planets and 12 zodiac signs – in a unique personal arrangement. It’s not difficult to translate the astrological message into information having personal relevance, but researched-based astrological data is needed. And astrological research by highly skilled specialists has gathered a huge amount of empirical evidence that explains the connection between your birthchart, your mind and life experience.

What makes the chart so remarkable is the sheer volume of self-information it contains. Its personal usefulness cannot be over-stated. Every detail in the map – every astrological marker – provides a wealth of personal data. The map is not static. It’s in a dynamic state of activity. New developments are taking place and the map provides a synopsis of what’s going on. Hermetic Astrology provides advice on what to do. Your non-conscious mental activity is the key to understanding your thoughts, feelings and actions and each mental state and psychological response has a biological – electrochemical – equivalent.

But these biochemical and electrochemical attributes can’t explain your character and life experience. They can’t explain your thoughts, feelings and behaviors or why and when you experience the events you do. Your genome provides a DNA profile, but it will never accurately predict your future. But your birthchart – with enough astrological intelligence and self-understanding – will. You can’t study your thoughts in a test tube. You can’t observe your unconscious mental activity with an electron microscope. What you need is your birthchart.

When you were born you possessed all the psychological equipment necessary for human life. And your character’s functionality was mapped in your birthchart. The chart – you see – displays how your life was set-up when you were born. It pictures your character, how it works and operates, and the life experience that’s naturally inclined to sustain its development. And to understand what it all means requires a careful assessment of the astrology code pictured in the chart. You were born when the code in the sky closely resembled the thought-cell structure of your character and the character that’s mapped in the chart has been expressing ever since the day you were born. If you’re looking for an explanation of your life and existence check out your astrology code. It’s not the result of chance.

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