1. You have a birthchart

    You were born in time and space. After nine months inside your mother’s womb you got your curtain call to appear on the stage of life. And right then and there you encountered your very first problem – an urgent … Continued

  2. About the chart

    A map of consciousness or character must be personal – like the genome. It must locate desires, thoughts and feelings by their attitudinal behavior and environmental cue. It must explain the mechanism that influences their functionality and it must provide … Continued

  3. The chart displays your astrology code

    You’re not just an accidental, chance array of chemicals. So there’s an urgent need to explain who you are and why you’re here. There’s a pressing demand for something that clearly reveals your character, life experience, future potential and reason … Continued

  4. The chart is a self-data generator

    The astrology skeptics are everywhere but imagine having a map of your character that lives and breathes. Imagine having a map that reveals the functionality of your thought and feeling world. And imagine having a map that describes your life … Continued

  5. Your birthchart is designed for interactivity

    Your life is a grand interactive adventure. You interact with a personal set of circumstances that includes people, places, objects and activities. And in the 21st-century your life is being supplemented by Aquarian Age technology that’s inviting you to interact … Continued

  6. About your unconscious mind or soul

    Everyone apparently has one but the theories and perspectives on the unconscious mind are remarkably varied. Some doubt its existence, some see it as rather dumb with limited powers, while others view its influence as pervasive and powerful. The Freudian … Continued

  7. Your chart provides a character reference

    A good map specifies and simplifies the key features of what is being mapped and your birthchart specifies and simplifies the key features of your character. It profiles your whole character and this means you have little or no control … Continued

  8. Heredity, environment and conditioning by experience

    Heredity is commonly viewed as the genetic data needed to build and run a complex organic machine like your body. This chemical data was provided by an egg cell from your mother and a sperm cell from your father. But … Continued

  9. Your chart is a self-development resource

    Your character development at birth will closely resemble the astrology code pictured in your birthchart. There’s no reason to think otherwise. The chart details a personal education program and this means you can view it as a personal report card … Continued

  10. The chart educates you about yourself

    Philosophers have always stressed the importance of self-knowledge. It’s the result of self-examination and Socrates claimed: ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ But you can’t learn about yourself from philosophy, science or theology because they don’t know who you … Continued