The Brotherhood of Light fact-check

If you Google The Brotherhood of Light you’ll hit on a number of websites. Wikipedia has a short entry – ‘The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, a Fraternity that descended from Frates Lucis in the 18th-century…strongly connected to the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor…they may perhaps have been one and the same.’ Then there’s ‘The Brotherhood of Light’ – an organization in Castlevania – whose members worship God, the Trinity. They attempt to stop the End of Days by defeating the Lords of the Shadow and hope to discover the one who put the spell that separated Heaven and Earth and released the forces of Hell – but it’s just a video game.

World Global Express – The Brotherhood of Light – has an impressive site. It claims: ‘The Brotherhood of Light are Beings from other Dimensions of Light and other planetary experiences who have been with Mankind for millions upon millions of years. They travel through Light….are flesh beings….and are of the highest and purest form of intelligence.’ The site gives a listing of the Brothers and Sisters of the Brotherhood. Edna G Frankel claims ‘The Brotherhood of Light’ was the name given to her when she began to channel messages from the ‘Ascended Masters’. She states that the Brother’s original name was the ancient Order of Melchizedek and they have been called at different times the White Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood.  And then there’s The Great White Brotherhood/Brotherhood of Light site – ‘The Spiritual Hierarchy serving the Earth that is made up of Cosmic Beings, Angels and Ascended Masters.’ Amidst these sites is The Church of Light

All the sites – except the Church of Light – have one thing in common. They don’t mention The Religion of the Stars, astrology, the use of the birthchart to guide personal endeavor and self-development, mental alchemy, spiritual alchemy, the use of planetary energies in healing, the development of extrasensory perception, directed thinking, induced emotion and the key to spiritual progress – making the world a better place by contributing your utmost to universal welfare. And these matters and activities are the distinguishing features of The Brotherhood of Light.

It’s well documented that Elbert Benjamine – CC Zain, the author of The Brotherhood of Light lessons – first contacted The Brotherhood of Light in 1900 when he read Light of Egypt by Thomas Burgoyne. And in April 1910 ‘after constant guidance and direction by the inner-plane teachers of the Brethren of the Light’ he gave his promise to write the 21 Courses of B of L lessons on the occult sciences. So who is The Brotherhood of Light?

Information is scant, but The Brotherhood of Light is also known as The Brethren of the Light and The Legions of Light. And the Legions of Light are those who possess a high degree of knowledge and spirituality and who use their knowledge and such powers as they possess and can acquire for the benefit of humanity. They are not exclusively discarnate, but most of them belong to a high-level of the inner-plane.