Mars cycle: January 29, 2017 – January 2, 2019

Published January 11, 2017

The 2017 Mars cycle commences January 29, 2017 at 12.07.33 pm UT (GMT) when Mars in the sky moves from south to north declination. A country’s chart is constructed for its administrative capital with the UT converted to standard time.

Mars is the universal marker for aggressive force and energy. His astral vibration is fired-up, hot, impulsive, combative, brave, angry, hateful, harsh, cruel, vicious, reckless, thoughtless and selfish. And the energy it generates either builds or destroys.  It can be constructive – enterprising, adventurous and daring – or destructive – insulting, abusive and uncivil. Mars is the planet of war, emergency situations, disasters and red alerts. His impulse to build is the driver of the manufacturing sector but his destructiveness knows no bounds. And the events he marks for are easily recognized and identified.

In day to day global affairs Mars influences strife – fights, rows, conflicts and disputes; acts of violence – bombings, shootings, bashings, rape, assaults and robberies; accidents – all types involving death or injury including smashes, crashes and explosions; fires – house fires, bushfires; manufacturing; and events involving the army, soldiers, police, firemen, emergency service workers, paramedics and athletes. Mars rules mechanics, alcohol, the liquor and sex-industries, sex-workers, doctors, surgeons and infectious diseases. 

The house position of Mars in a specified chart is the crucial data point. It indicates the area of mundane life to be influenced by strife, aggressive force, disputation, violence, war, soldiers, mechanics, manufacturing, machines, policing, police officers, fires, fire fighters, doctors, surgeons, surgery, intoxicants and robbers. The mundane agenda ruled by this house is energized. It’s where the explosive Mars energy is flowing. It indicates where the strife and violence is coming from – the mundane matters that ignite strife and dissension; and where the hazard is located – where the risk and danger lies. It also indicates the starting point from which emanates the other important events that transpire during the life of the chart.

The chart’s critical transition phase is from 7.00am UT on January 26, 2017 to 5.25pm on February 2. Mars events that occur at this time specify the chart’s environmental setting and set an event trend. What happens in the future is often an extension of these events so they can be used as a guide when making future forecasts.

About the chart

Mars is conjunction (prominence) Venus – planet of peace moves, the arts, social matters, fashion, cosmetics, beauty and women – and square (obstacle) Saturn – planet of security issues, debt, basic utilities, workers, farmers, miners, natural disasters, floods, contraction, orthodoxy, loss and hardship. So the strife, aggressive force and violence will influence and involve these mundane-matters and people with woman leaders caught up in the turmoil and more and more women  playing a proactive role in violent attacks and suicide bombings.

Mars is a discordant planet so harmony isn’t an issue. Winners are grinners but winning involves strenuous effort, knock downs and resilience. The Mars-Venus conjunction in a specified chart marks for a high concentration of aggressive energy influencing the mundane agenda ruled by the house where it is located. Japan’s chart has the highest number of discordynes and Mars is the weakest planet in Britain’s Mars cycle chart, but with Mars square Saturn there’s high level discord (anger, fear, insecurity, security concerns, immigration restrictions, a slowdown in manufacturing, recessed economic conditions, unemployment, farmer disputes, mining disasters, destruction by natural disaster, heavy losses in the war-zones etc) and this will be evident in the events that the Mars energy brings to pass. [In the previous Mars cycle – February 21, 2015-January 29, 2017 – Saturn was trine (luck) Mars.]

In a specified chart the mundane-matters ruled by any house with a high concentration of energy should be assessed as playing a role in what eventuates. In the 2017 Mars cycle the house where Mercury conjunction Pluto is located is a chart hot-spot. It’s the strongest aspect in the chart.

Event forecasting

Your daily weather forecast is based on the evidence provided by a weather map and a daily strife and violence forecast is based on the evidence provided by a Mars cycle chart. This chart does not predict precise events. It cannot predict that an act of violence will occur in a certain place, at a certain time, on a certain day, killing a certain number of people. But it does provide an accurate forecast of the volume and type of Mars energy that will impact the Earth during a definite forecast period.

An accurate picture of what to expect must consider the astrological conditions mapped in the chart and the mundane conditions in which the chart operates. The physical environment at any point in time facilitates some events and negates others. Bushfires (a Mars event) tend to occur during the hot summer months. And the timing factor in the Mars cycle chart is transit Mars. Events occur as transit Mars aspects the other planets in the chart and you can track the aspects and check the event with news reports on the day.

Consider that the most important events will occur when transit Mars forms a conjunction, opposition, square or trine aspect with any planet in the chart – especially Mars, Venus and Saturn. In a specified chart the event is defined by the aspect formed by Mars and the houses that Mars and the other planet rule.

Mars regularly forms aspects in his cycle chart and thousands of Mars events occur every day. They’re the shootings, bombings, murders, robberies, fights, rows, accidents and fires. Most are inconsequential, some have national importance, but one will always stand out and grab the media’s attention. That’s the one that will be clearly identified by the Mars cycle chart daily forecast.

Mars cycle chart USAmars-cycle-usa

Mars is in house 2 (wealth, possessions, financial policy, financial transactions, $US, currency movements, treasury, non-speculative bonds and securities, banks and spending) so the strife and disputation is all about money. Venus is there too. Donald Trump is fighting a currency war (with China), spending up big on weapons and military-matters and feuding over who’s going to pay for the great wall. Saturn – the obstacle – is in house 11 (Congress). Mars is cusp ruler of house 3 (Mexico, roads and newspapers) and house 10 (the President).

Canada, Chile, Cuba and Mexico also have Mars in house 2.

Mars cycle chart Chinamars-cycle-china

Mars is in house 7 (the other country, overseas developments, foreign policy, international relations, enemies and war) so the strife and disputation involves the world. Venus is there too. The chart forecasts an escalating conflict with the US and countries in the South China Sea region. Mars is cusp ruler of house 8 (death) and house 3 (neighboring countries.) Saturn is in house 4 (land, territories, islands, (Taiwan), cities, environmental issues, (toxic smog), natural resources, natural disasters and weather events). It’s the restraining force and China will lose the fight.

Japan, North Korea and South Korea also have Mars in house 7. This region will be a dangerous hot-spot during the 2017 Mars cycle.

Mars cycle chart Japanmars-cycle-japan

Mars is in house 7 (international relations, off-shore developments, foreign policy and disputes) so there’s a big fight with another country. Venus is in house 6 (army and defense issues.) Mars is cusp ruler of house 8 (taxes and death) and house 3 (China and South and North Korea). Saturn – the planet of security issues, fear, back-downs and retreats – is also in house 3.

Mars cycle chart Russiamars-cycle-russia

Mars is in house 10 (the administration, governing authority, head of state, business activity and international standing) so the very aggressive Vladimir Putin is in a fighting mood. Putin’s war is about to escalate. It’s an alarming situation. Venus is there too. Mars is cusp ruler of house 11 (parliament and ambassadors sent to foreign countries) and house 5 (sport, gambling, schools, children and ambassadors from foreign countries). Saturn is in house 6 (the army, military personnel, police, work and sickness).

Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Greece and South Africa also have Mars in house 10. The Middle East is a hot bed of conflict with countries fighting and feuding. And with Mars in house 10 their leaders are fired-up, ready to fight and in harm’s way. It’s a dangerous situation with one angry shot causing things to spiral out of control. Saturn’s fear is the only restraining force.

Mars cycle chart Syriamars-cycle-syria

Mars is in house 10 so Bashar al-Assad is defiant and aggressive. He’s in an attack frame of mind and hated by many. Syria will suffer great reputational damage. Venus is there too. Mars is cusp ruler of house 11 (parliament and Russia – Syria’s friend) and house 6 (the army and military). Saturn in house 6 marks for work problems, sickness and disease and heavy losses involving the army, military and police.

Mars cycle chart Israelmars-cycle-isral-tel-aviv

Mars is in house 10 (the prime minister, administration, business and reputation) so the very aggressive and hard-line Benjamin Netanyahu has his military cap on. Venus is there too. The territorial conflict with Palestine is about to escalate. Mars is cusp ruler of house 11 (parliament, friends and allies) and house 6 (the army, police and military). Saturn is also in house 6 (work, employment problems, sickness, food shortages and disease).

Palestine also has Mars in house 10 so Mahmoud Abbus is feeling aggressive and ready to fight too. It’s a dangerous situation with both leaders in harm’s way. It doesn’t matter which administrative capital you pick all the chart’s have Mars in house 10.

Mars cycle chart Britainmars-cycle-britain

Mars is in house 11 (parliament, friends, allies and ambassadors sent to foreign countries) so parliament is in an uproar with politicians screaming and yelling. Venus – Theresa May – is there too. She’s caught up in the thick of it. Negotiating Brexit is the issue. Mars is cusp ruler of house 12 (disappointment, restrictions and behind the scenes activity) and house 6 (work and employment trends). Saturn is in house 7 (foreign policy and international relations) so there are poor relations with foreign powers. They cause delay, hardship and loss.

France, Germany, Italy, Spain and most countries in the European Union have Mars in house 10 so the strife and dissension – fighting and squabbling – is jeopardizing the union’s existence. In the German chart Venus signs for Angela Merkel.

Mars cycle chart Brazilmars-cycle-brazil

Mars is in house 1 (the people and domestic issues) so the Brazilian people are fired-up and feeling angry. They’re in an aggressive fighting mood. Venus is there too. The Olympics have become a memory and the country has political and economic problems. Strife, fights, accidents and fires will be common. Mars is cusp ruler of house 2 (money, financial policy and spending) and house 9 (court cases, constitution, trade, tourism and internet). Saturn is in house 10 (President Michel Temer) so things are not looking good for the man who replaced Dilma Rousseff (Venus) after she was impeached and removed as President in August 2016.  The people and their conservative president are on a collision course and the people will win and lose.

Argentina also has Mars in house 1.

Mars cycle chart Indiamars-cycle-india

Mars is in house 9 (religion, legal matters, court cases, judges, trade, universities, television and internet) so the strife and violence erupts in response to court cases, legal issues and religious rivalries. Venus – women in general, the arts and social events – is in house 8 (the cabinet of the prime minister, the chief appointees of governors, taxes, tariffs and death). Mars is cusp ruler of house 4 (homes, buildings, cities, natural disasters, floods and farmers). Saturn – the planet of loss, grief, anguish and despair – is in house 5 (children, teenagers, schools, sport, games, the film industry, movie stars, sex and the birth rate).

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Sri Lanka also have Mars in house 9.

Mars cycle chart Australiamars-cycle-australia

Mars is in house 6 (work, labor, workers, working conditions, public servants, police, army, firemen, food, eating habits, medical services, sickness and disease) so the strife and conflict involves employees, police and army and the danger involves unhealthy food, sickness and disease. Mars signs for an attack on the fast food industry. Venus indicates that a woman (Ged Kearney?) will play a key role on what eventuates. Mars is cusp ruler of house 7 (overseas events and developments) and house 2 (financial policy and spending). Saturn – the planet of conservatism, slow-downs, doom and gloom, falls and loss – is in house 3 (mental activity, thinking, journalists, newspapers, roads, public transport and relations with neighboring countries). So the conflict involves working conditions and pay and the danger involves unhealthy eating, sickness and disease.

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