Mars conjunction Uranus: The inside story and Donald Trump

The planets and zodiac signs define a dynamic astrological environment that guides and influences what happens here on Earth. The planets are God’s agents and human beings (and other life forms) are the planet’s agents. So what happens in response to Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky is due to people responding to the energy-event’s astral broadcast.

This response is at a not-conscious level. The planets are transmitters of astral vibrations. They’re broadcasting stations and the not-conscious mind or soul is a receiving set. The planets stimulate not-conscious thought-cell activity and electromagnetic energy generated by the cells of the physical body facilitates the streaming of not-conscious thoughts and feelings to conscious awareness. The world today is a not-conscious reality where reasoned thought plays a minute role in what eventuates.

A soul’s potential is defined by its birthchart. The chart identifies its astrological signature with those planets possessing above average power – designated as prominent – providing a profile of its potential to tune in on and respond to specified astrological vibrations.

A Mars-Uranus conjunction in the sky indicates powerful merger of astral energy of the Mars-Uranus type that will impact the Earth for a specified forecast period and the people most inclined to respond to this special astral broadcast are those who have Mars and Uranus prominent in their birthcharts.

Events are the result of stimulated not-conscious thought-cell activity doing its thing and events of major importance only occur when their thought-cell correlates in the birthchart form a progressed aspect. So major events of the Mars and Uranus type only occur when they’re activated by progression. The stimulation provided by progressed aspects turns the Mars and Uranus thought-cells on enhancing their capacity to perform work and demonstrate their intent.

And evidence-based research reveals that those people with Mars and Uranus prominent in their birthcharts who have progressed aspects involving Mars and Uranus are the ones who will respond to Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky. And if a person who fits this criterion is in a position of power and influence their potential to play a lead role in what happens is significantly increased.

The circumstances here on Earth in 2017 provide fertile ground for Mars-Uranus events. It’s a situation where there’s little resistance acting as a restraining force so the potential for aggressive force, strife, conflict and violence (Mars) and rugged individualism, radical change, discontentment and unrest (Uranus) is high. And the time when major events of the Mars-Uranus type are scheduled to occur is when Mars is conjunction Uranus in the sky.

It’s unfortunate that so few world leaders have reliable birth times but Donald Trump does. Mars in his birthchart does not have above average power but it’s conjunction the ascendant, sextile Sun and trine Moon so the aggression it marks for finds easy expression through his personality (ascendant) and mentality (Moon). Uranus does have above average power. It’s conjunction Sun and opposition Moon. And Mars and Uranus are currently involved in powerful progressed aspects.  Progressed ascendant is sextile birthchart Mars and progressed Mars is square birthchart Mercury, sesquisquare birthchart MC and sextile birthchart Pluto. Progressed Uranus is opposition birthchart Moon. So there’s no doubt that Donald Trump will respond to and be influenced by Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky on February 27. But forecasting – accurately – how he will respond to the influx of Mars-Uranus energy is another matter.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to February 25, 2017


Trump doesn’t like the current system or the rules and his hard-right brand of extremism has the support of 26% of like-minded eligible US voters. He’s prepared to throw everything out, change the system, take on the US media, provoke China, force Mexico to pay for the great wall and set a new standard of fairness that defines the rules of his game. This we know, but Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky is a wild card – a big unpredictable surprise.

Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky is destined to incite thought-cell activity that is hostile and destructive. There’s immediacy, impulsivity and explosive rhetoric, with no serious reflection, foresight, discrimination or prudence, so it’s going to destroy and demolish. Trump’s promise to make America great again will require the demolition of the status quo. There’s no doubt that Uranus can bring radical political change but those who expect to benefit from the change can easily become dissatisfied when nothing much eventuates. This sets the scene for dissension in the political ranks and a swing back to the way things were. So Trump could be just too radical for his own good. He’s very conflicted and his personal quest for wealth and glory has separated him from the folk living on Struggle Street. He’s one of the haves that the have not’s hate.

During January 2017 Trump was fighting the US media, the CIA, China and Mexico so his not-conscious dissonance is primed to erupt when Mars in the sky merges with Uranus. Uranus is the planet of exposé and it delights in exposing graft and corruption and any other hidden information. So, this distinct feature of Uranus could be the wild card that dogs Trump throughout his presidency. The very active twelfth house in his birthchart holds more secrets than all the secret intelligence agencies.

Whatever happens as Mars moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus in February 2017 will make headlines. You’re going to hear about it and there’s a very good chance that the sensational breaking news event, that’s been forecast by a Mars-Uranus conjunction chart, is going to occur with cataclysmic suddenness.

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