Jupiter cycle: February 5, 2011 – May 25, 2022

February 2011; revised October 17, 2017


Cycle data

Start date and time: February 5, 2011 at 1.48pm GMT
End date: May 25, 2022

Jupiter is the planet of finances, commerce and capitalism and the Jupiter cycle chart provides a forecast model of trends and events related to finances, economic growth, expansion, spending and higher prices.

As the planet of religion, legal matters and the judiciary Jupiter provides a financial report, a religion report and a law report.

Its house position in a specified Jupiter cycle chart shows the chief area of mundane life to be influenced by finances, religion, preaching, philosophy, advertising, the courts, judiciary, judicial decisions, arbitration, treaties, trade, interstate commerce and shipping.

Harmonious aspects to Jupiter mark for fortunate events that benefit Jupiter’s financial, legal and religious agenda.

Discordant aspects mark for unfortunate events, adverse developments and problems.


Aspect analysis

Jupiter is semisquare (friction) the Sun – the planet of politics, the political agenda, world leaders and politicians.

This minor stressor marks for criticism of governments due to their waste and extravagance and politicians due to their self-indulgent spending.

Jupiter is sextile (opportunity) Mercury – the planet of talk, controversy, news and information, newspapers, journalists, writers, academics and scientists.

As Jupiter’s best aspect it signs for effective financial decision-making and fortunate trade agreements – something that is needed to navigate the world out of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis.

Jupiter is square (obstacle) Venus – the planet of art, beauty, the fashion industry, textiles and confectionery.

This high-discord aspect between Jupiter – the planet ruling fat and expanding waistlines – and Venus – the planet ruling sugar, sweets and pastries – signs for increasing levels of obesity.

Jupiter is semisquare (friction) Mars – the planet of strife, weapons, guns, bombs, military-matters and manufacturing.

This minor stressor signs for strife over higher prices, financial rows and friction over military/weapons spending.

Jupiter is conjunction (prominence) Uranus – the planet of change, reform, innovation, exposé, technology, strikes and demonstrations. It’s the chart’s hot-spot.

The world’s finances and financial systems will experience change, reformation and rapid innovation with the technology sector experiencing growth, expansion and more growth. This aspect signs for price reforms, a revolution in financial practices with the occasional exposé rocking the financial boat.

And Jupiter is square (obstacle) Pluto – the planet of groups, coercion, cooperation, globalization, terrorism, crime, misinformation and inversion.

This is Jupiter’s worst aspect. It signs for obstacles that hinder the recovery from the 2007 GFC; coercive trade practices; corruption in the legal system; corrupt judges; religious persecution; and insidious religious teachings. Good-will and charity are under severe stress and the obsessive pursuit of wealth encourages crime and corruption.

The square aspect supports the expression of Lower-Pluto’s vile behavior which easily contaminates the world’s financial practices, legal systems and religions.


Chart sum-up

This is not a bad chart, but the financial environment in February 2011 when the cycle commenced was a big mess. The chart supports favorable financial conditions and economic growth and expansion but Jupiter square Pluto (crime and corruption) is an invisible and sinister problem.

Jupiter has nothing to do with social unrest and protests but with Jupiter conjunction Uranus banking practices, financial policies and rising prices can stir-up social unrest, anti-bank protests and demonstrations.

In 2007 Jupiter’s conceit and desire for plenty turned into an insatiable grab for more and more money. It brought the world to the brink of financial disaster and the 2011 Jupiter cycle is a forecast model of events and conditions that provide a road to financial recovery.


Jupiter cycle chart Washington: 8.48am EST, February 5, 2011


Jupiter in house 1 signs for rising prices and increased health costs that directly impact the people and their cost of living.

Jupiter conjunction Uranus indicates that sudden change has a radical impact on the people and their health, waistlines and welfare.

Mercury is in house 11 so opportunities that benefit the people come from Congress; but with Jupiter square Venus and Pluto in house 10 the actions of the President, his administration and business hinder the health and welfare of the people.


Jupiter cycle chart London: 1.48pm GMT, February 5, 2011


Jupiter in house 10 signs for business expansion, rising business costs and high levels of government expenditure.

Jupiter conjunction Uranus indicates that radical change influences the government’s financial agenda and business activity.

Mercury is in house 8 so the government and business benefit from new tax policies; but with Jupiter square Venus and Pluto in house 6 labor costs and high unemployment hinder government spending and business activity.


Jupiter cycle chart Beijing: 9.48pm AWST, February 5, 2011


Jupiter in house 6 signs for rising labor costs, an expanding work force and higher numbers of public servants and government employees.

Jupiter conjunction Uranus indicates that radical change, reform and unrest influences labor and the work practices of government employees.

Mercury is in house 4 so cities provide employment opportunities; but with Jupiter square Venus and Pluto in house 3 China’s education policy and transport and communications sectors are obstacles hindering the expansion of labor, the work-force and the government employment sector.


Jupiter cycle chart New Delhi: 7.18pm IST, February 5, 2011


Jupiter in house 8 signs for higher taxes, increased levels of public spending and higher levels of debt.

Jupiter conjunction Uranus (in house 7) indicates that the unexpected actions of other countries influence India’s revenue raising and expenditures.

Mercury is in house 5 so the share market, sport, film industry and gambling provide revenue raising opportunities; but with Jupiter square Venus (in house 4) and Pluto (in house 5) natural disasters and the birth rate (house 5) put strains on public spending and revenue raising.


Jupiter cycle chart Canberra: 11.48pm AEST, February 5, 2011


Jupiter in house 5 signs for higher share prices, higher costs of entertainment, expansion for the film industry, higher incomes for athletes, higher prize money for sporting contests, more children playing sport and increased levels of gambling.

Jupiter conjunction Uranus indicates that radical (technological) change will influence the entertainment sector – sex, sport, gambling and gaming.

Mercury is in house 3 so computers and smart phones (house 3) provide opportunities for entertainment and instant gambling; but with Jupiter square Venus and Pluto in house 2 personal financial pressures hinder the expansion of the entertainment sector and compulsive gambling results in personal financial difficulties.


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