Major global events July 2018

July 3, 2018 ongoing

This global events report correlates major international events and developments with their markers in specified astrological charts or the sky. Events as reported by reputable news services.

July 9: There’s disagreement and political turmoil in Britain over the Brexit negotiations (Jupiter). Progressed Uranus – planet of disruption – was conjunction Jupiter in the Uranus cycle.

In Japan the death toll from heavy rains (Saturn) over the past few days rises to 126, with over 86 people reported missing. Progressed Saturn was square Mars and Saturn in the Saturn cycle.

Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh (Jupiter) to US Supreme Court position. Progressed Jupiter was sesquisquare Uranus in the Jupiter cycle.

July 5: Donald Trump announces the resignation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (Saturn). Progressed Saturn was square Mars in the Saturn cycle.

Scott Pruitt: May 9, 1968 at 12.14am EDT (37N39; 84W46)

Viktor E quotes birth certificate. Chart progressed to July 5, 2018 

Sun – planet of administrators – dominates from house 10 (business).

Sun and Mars are opposition Neptune in house 4 (the environment.)

Neptune – the planet of scheming, wishful thinking and vagueness – has a high astrodyne score. It’s his worst planet.

On July 5, 2018 progressed Venus – the co-ruler of house 10 (his job and reputation) at 9 Cancer 27 in house 12 (self-undoing and disappointment) – was square birth chart Moon in house 3 (the press) and sesquisquare progressed Neptune at 24 Scorpio 07R (activating the Sun-Neptune opposition aspect in his birth chart).

Pruitt had a good relationship with Trump. Both have a dominant Sun and Leo rising.

July 2: In Thailand twelve boys and their assistant soccer coach are found alive in a cave complex nine days after they went missing. Progressed Jupiter was trine the Moon in the Jupiter cycle.

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