Global events forecast November 2017

Published October 17, 2017

Mars – the planet of strife, hate, provocation, rows, feuds, saber rattling, military conflicts, weaponry, missiles, bombs, guns, acts of violence, shootings, accidents, alcohol, fires, heat waves, wildfires, police officers, fire fighters and emergency services – will again play a lead role in global affairs during November 2017.

Progressed Mercury opposition birthchart Mars and progressed Mars inconjunct birthchart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart continue to incite strife, war-talk, hate speech, provocative words, bickering and violence against civilians.

The Mars discord is extreme from November 18 to November 30 with Mars square Mercury, square Pluto, opposition and parallel Uranus, parallel Neptune and conjunction Jupiter in the Mars cycle; and Mars square Pluto, parallel Neptune and opposition Uranus in the sky.

Forecast data as per aspects in the sky and the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto cycle charts.

Mercury events involve words, talks, conversations, discussions, debate, controversy, irrational rhetoric, documents, reports, science, journalists, newspapers, commentators, writers, educators, academic freedoms and wind.

Venus events involve women, women’s issues, social cohesion, social events, fashion, the fashion industry, art, beauty, cosmetics, textiles, confectionary, sugar, socialites and the social set.

Jupiter events involve finances, prices, spending, expenditure, the financial sector, currencies, trade, legal matters, the law, judiciary, courts, judicial decisions, diplomacy, diplomatic moves, religion, religious leaders, priests, bishops, optimism, hope and expansion.

Saturn events involve security, insecurity, safety measures, crystallizing conservatism, selfishness, protectionism, work, unemployment, recession, economy, austerity, cutbacks, heavy burdens, loss, disappointment, fear, destructive weather events, natural disasters – floods, storms, droughts, famines, earthquakes – hardship, grief, laborers, farmers, miners and immigration.

Uranus events involve change, reform, diversity, radical action, extremism, extremists, startling revelations, shocks, social unrest, demonstrations, protests, independence, independence movements, liberation, liberation movements, freedom fighting, technology, bizarre happenings, emails and weird behavior.

Neptune events involve schemes, exaggeration, share-markets, investors, profit sharing, confusion, chaos, deception, fraud, white-collar crime, aviation, planes, oil, gas, drugs, opioids, lies, fake everything, movies and movie stars.

Pluto events involve groups, massive crowds, coalitions, groups of countries, cooperation, commissions, committees, unity, disunity, compulsory measures, sanctions, corporate monopolies (Google, Twitter Inc), computers, websites, computer hackers, crime, terror/crime networks, cyber-crime, criminals, insidious evil, dictators, human monsters, kidnapping and drastic developments.


Ongoing events

Uranus is parallel Saturn in Uranus cycle > this aspect forecasts a wave of extreme conservatism, a conservative backlash to progressive change, widespread fear of change, discontented hardliners, unrest inspired by hardship and poverty, protests, extreme weather events, technology failures, electricity shortages, blackouts and progressive change that goes back to the past – end date is March 21, 2018

September 6, 2019: Pluto is parallel Saturn in Pluto cycle > Pluto is the planet of groups, crime, corruption, drastic measures, terror networks and cooperative effort and Saturn is the planet of fear, security, poverty, droughts, famines, floods and other natural disasters. The Lower-Pluto thought-force is active on many fronts spreading fear and insecurity. Counter terrorism measures, terror threat alerts and cyber security are key issues.


November forecast

November 1: Jupiter is parallel Neptune in Jupiter cycle > this aspect forecasts rising prices, financial schemes, increased spending, financial confusion, financial deception, fraud, rising share prices, massive profits, big business mergers, a boom in drug sales, air fare increases, confusing judicial decisions > peak date is November 8

Saturn is semisquare Mercury in Saturn cycle > this aspect forecasts security talks, security fears, lapses in security, controversial security decisions, economic belt-tightening, lower prices, bad news on the work front, controversial climate policy announcements, reports of poverty and hardship, natural disasters, floods – Saturn rules the UN Security Council > peak date is November 9

China’s Saturn cycle chart – November 9, 2017


Transit Saturn at 25 Sagittarius 26 in house 6 is semisquare birthchart Mercury at 10 Aquarius 26 in house 8 (taxes, debt, government spending and debt.)

November 3: Donald Trump commences a 5-nation trip to the Asia Pacific Region – returns to the US November 14

November 4: Sun is trine Neptune in Sun cycle

Sun is semisquare Saturn and inconjunct Mercury in Sun cycle > activates Saturn semisquare Mercury in the Saturn cycle

Jupiter sextile Pluto in Jupiter cycle starts > this aspect forecasts financial coercion, higher prices, financial pressures, forced spending, financial crime, business mergers, trade agreements > peak date is November 9

November 7: Mars is trine Sun in Mars cycle > political strife and aggressive action and force by a world leader

America’s Mars cycle chart – November 7, 2017


Transit Mars at 9 Libra 46 in house 8 is trine Sun at 9 Aquarius 47 in house 1 (the people and their domestic agenda).

November 8: Mars is inconjunct Neptune in Mars cycle > strife and deception, conflict and confusion, exaggerated danger, an avalanche of fake news, oil fires, strife for airlines, plane crashes

Jupiter is parallel Neptune in Jupiter cycle > see start of report for event forecast > end date is November 22

November 9: Jupiter is sextile Pluto in Jupiter cycle > see November 4 for event forecast > end date is November 14

Saturn is semisquare Mercury in Saturn cycle > see start of report for event forecast > end date is November 18

November 11: Sun is semisextile Jupiter and sextile Pluto in the Sun cycle > activates Jupiter sextile Pluto in the Jupiter cycle

Saturn is trine Uranus in the sky > a fortunate aspect that influences the security and reform agendas and lower electricity prices. Saturn is the planet of economy, conservative thinking, safety, land, weather, mining and coal and Uranus is the planet of radical change, progressive thinking, electricity, extremists, protests and independence movements.

November 12: Mars is sesquisquare Moon in Mars cycle > attacks on civilians, shootings, domestic violence, fires

November 15: Sun is parallel Moon, sesquisquare Venus and inconjunct Uranus in Sun cycle

In Australia the result of a national survey to gauge support for the legalizing of same-sex marriage (Uranus) is released.

November 19: Sun is semisextile Moon and Saturn and sesquisquare Mercury in the Sun cycle; Mars is square Pluto in the sky; and Mars is square Mercury in the Mars cycle

Armageddon has been predicted for planet Earth with the sudden appearance of a mysterious planet called Nibiru setting off cataclysmic earthquakes worldwide. This event was originally predicted to take place on September 23 and when it failed to occur the predictor moved the disaster date to October 15 when it again failed to occur. It won’t happen today either and ridiculous predictions like this simply display spectacular ignorance of natural law and the folly of mystical thinking.

Sun semisextile the Moon-Saturn conjunction in the Sun cycle does forecast natural disasters – storms, floods and maybe an earthquake in an earthquake prone region  – and Mars square Pluto in the sky forecasts strife, escalating danger, drastic events, a terror attack, insidious violence, fires and accidents

Mars square Pluto in the sky – Washington


Chart data is: November 19, 2017 at 7.15am EST – 77W01; 38N53

Mars – the planet of strife, rows, provocation, military matters, guns and haste – is in house 11 (Congress); and Pluto – the planet of cooperation, coercion, coalitions, disunity and drastic action – is in house 2 (finances, spending and financial policy).

Mars square Mercury in Mars cycle forecasts war talk, a war of words, aggressive rhetoric, irrational provocation, a tweet storm, hate-speech, a dangerous day for journalists/writers

America’s Mars cycle chart – November 19, 2017


Transit Mars at 17 Libra 39 in house 8 is square birthchart Mercury and birthchart Pluto in house 12 (secret enemies, backroom talks, secret agendas, crime, FBI, CIA, hospitals, prisons, relief and restrictions).

November 20: Mars is square Pluto in Mars cycle > escalating danger, mass shootings, gang violence, massacres, war crimes

November 22: Mars parallel Uranus and Mars parallel Jupiter in Mars cycle start > a terror attack, protests and demonstrations, race-hate, racial violence, strife for the financial sector > peak dates are November 26/27

Sun parallel Pluto in the Sun cycle starts > peak date is November 26

November 25: Mars is opposition Uranus in Mars cycle > a dangerous day > a terror attack, racial strife, the Mars discord escalates

Iran’s Mars cycle chart – November 25, 2017


Transit Mars at 20 Libra in house 4 is opposition birthchart Uranus in house 10 (Iran’s leader and administration).

Mars parallel Neptune in Mars cycle starts > exaggerated danger, the strife ignites a surge of fake news, plane crashes, drug busts by the police > peak date is November 30

November 26: Mars is parallel Uranus in Mars cycle > see November 25

Sun is semisquare and parallel Pluto Sun cycle

Sun parallel Saturn in Sun cycle starts > peak date is December 2

November 27: Mars is parallel Jupiter in Mars cycle > the Mars discord escalates, strife for the financial sector, religious hate and violence, attacks on churches, new gun laws, legal disputes

Sun is semisquare Jupiter in Sun cycle – activates Mars parallel and conjunction Jupiter in the Mars cycle

November 28: Mars is conjunction Jupiter in Mars cycle > financial disputes, trade wars, frantic diplomatic moves > see November 27

Mars is parallel Neptune in the sky > see November 25

November 29: Sun is inconjunct Mars in Sun cycle > activates Mars aspects in the Mars cycle and the sky

November 30: Mars is parallel Neptune in Mars cycle

Mars is sextile Saturn in Mars cycle > war fears, calls for calm heads, success for the police and security forces

Sun is trine Venus in Sun cycle

Sun is sesquisquare Uranus in Sun cycle > activates Mars opposition Uranus in the sky

December 1: Mars is opposition Uranus in the sky > the Mars discord and danger escalates, a terror attack, extremist violence, race hate, racial strife

Mars opposition Uranus in the sky – Moscow


Chart data is: December 1, 2017 at 1.05pm BAT – 37E35; 55N45

Mars – the planet of strife, rows, provocation, military matters, war and haste – is in house 7 (foreign policy, foreign powers, international disputes and war); and Uranus – the planet of sudden moves, startling developments, exposé and protests – is in house 1 (the people and their domestic agenda).

December 3: Jupiter is trine Neptune in the sky > a fortunate aspect that influences the financial agenda but it’s occurring at a time of strife and discord so the harmony may be hard to detect. Jupiter is the planet of finances, diplomacy, hope and optimism and Neptune is the planet of schemes and idealism.


Forecast periods

Events related to a designated aspect can occur during its forecast period.

Aspects in the sky have a wide time-frame that’s determined by the aspect’s orb of influence. The date indicated is when the aspect is perfect and at its peak power.

Aspects formed by Mars in the Mars cycle have a 3 day time-frame (36 hours either side of the indicated peak date) or 6 days (72 hours either side of the indicated peak date) if it’s a parallel aspect.

Aspects formed by the Sun in the Sun cycle have a 2 day time-frame (24 hours either side of the aspect’s peak time).

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