Global events calendar and forecast: March 2018

February 14, 2018

Forecast data is per aspects in the Aquarian Age chart, Donald Trump’s chart, America’s chart, the sky and the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto cycle charts.

Ongoing events

Uranus is parallel Saturn in Uranus cycle > end date is March 21, 2018

Forecast: extreme conservatism, a conservative backlash to progressive change, discontented hardliners, unrest inspired by hardship and poverty, protests, extreme weather events, technology failures, electricity shortages, power outages and progressive change that goes back to the past

Jupiter is parallel Mars in Jupiter cycle > end date is May 10

Forecast: financial squabbling, trade disputes, religious violence, diplomatic rows, shipping accidents

Pluto is square Venus in Pluto cycle > end date is August 8, 2018

Forecast: drastic events affecting women, coercion, harassment, group disunity, criminal activity, cyber bullying

September 6, 2019: Pluto is parallel Saturn in Pluto cycle

Forecast: drastic security measures, terror threats, security breaches, cyber security measures, security blunders, a shortage of cooperation, drastic weather events, natural disasters of all kinds, compulsory austerity measures

March events calendar and forecast

March 1: Progressed Moon is trine birthchart Mercury in the Aquarian Age chart > peak power date is March 23

Progressed Moon is conjunction progressed Pluto in Donald Trump’s chart > peak power date is March 17

Mars is parallel Mercury in Mars cycle > strife, violence and accidents, belligerence and angry words, violent controversies, an attack on a journalist/writer > end date is March 18

Progressed Moon in America’s chart moves to form a sextile aspect with progressed Mars – planet of war, fights, feuds, guns and accidents > peak power date is March 30

March 2: Mars is trine Uranus in Mars cycle > strife, accidents, fires, unrest, demonstrations, violent protests, discoveries

March 3: Sun is parallel Jupiter and conjunction Neptune in Sun cycle

March 5: Mars is sextile Jupiter in Mars cycle > military spending

March 7: Mars is conjunction Saturn in Mars cycle > war fears, territorial disputes, land grabs, natural disasters, destructive weather events, emergency security measures

China’s Mars cycle progressed to March 8, 2018

Progressed Mars at 24 Sagittarius 22 in house 4 (land, territories, natural disasters and weather events) is conjunction birthchart Saturn

Progressed Sun is parallel Mercury in Sun cycle

March 8: Mars is semisquare Sun in Mars cycle > political strife, feuding leaders

March 9: Sun is sextile Pluto in Sun cycle

March 10: Mars is square Venus in Mars cycle > woman warriors, sexual violence involving a woman, accidents, fires

March 11: Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Saturn > peak power date is April 2

March 13: Mars is sextile Moon in Mars cycle > domestic violence, strife, civilian casualties in the war zones, accidents, fires

Progressed Sun is semisquare Mars and semisextile Uranus in Sun cycle

March 16: progressed Moon moves to form a trine aspect with birthchart Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart > peak power date is April 14

India’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to April 14, 2018

Progressed Moon at 26 Virgo 29 in house 10 (the administration and business) is trine (luck) birthchart Pluto – planet of groups, coercion or cooperation – at 26 Taurus 29R in house 7 (relations with foreign powers, marriage and divorce); and sesquisquare (agitation) birthchart Neptune at 11 Taurus 31R – planet of schemes, complex issues and poisons – in house 6 (employees, public servants, food, restaurants and sickness).

March 17: Progressed Moon is conjunction progressed Pluto in Donald Trump’s chart.

Progressed Moon moves to form a sesquisquare aspect with birthchart Neptune in the Aquarian Age chart – peak power date is April 15

America’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to April 15, 2018

Progressed Moon at 26 Virgo 31 in house 4 (the Democrats, farming, mining and weather events) is trine (luck) birthchart Pluto – planet of disunity, drastic events and pressure – at 26 Taurus 29R in house 11 (Congress); and sesquisquare (agitation) birthchart Neptune – planet of chaos, confusion and deception – at 11 Taurus 31R in house 11 (Congress).

Pisces lunation at 1.12pm GMT

America’s New-Moon chart

The lunation and Mercury, Venus and Uranus are in house 12 – secret activity, FBI, crime, prisons and hospitals.

House 12 dominates the chart and from March 20 to April 15 major domestic events involving secrets, secret enemies, the intelligence agencies, FBI, crime, prisons and hospitals are forecast.

The lunation is square Mars – planet of strife, rows, violence and guns – in house 8 (death, debt and taxes).

Chart data is: March 17, 2018 at 8.12am EST; 77W01; 38N53

March 18: Sun is square Moon and Saturn in Sun cycle – the Moon-Saturn conjunction aspect is activated

March 19: progressed Moon moves to form a parallel aspect with birthchart Jupiter in the Aquarian Age chart > peak power date is June 6

Mars is square Mars in the Mars cycle > strife, acts of violence, rows, fires and accidents

March 20: 2018 Sun cycle starts – 4.15pm GMT

March 22: Sun is square Mars in Sun cycle

March 23: end date for the extension of US government funding

March 24: School students in America will ‘March for our Lives’. In America’s chart progressed Moon at 17 Sagittarius 45 in house 7 is sextile progressed Mars (anger and guns) at 17 Libra 56R in house 5 (school children, teenagers and schools).

March 28: Sun is sesquisquare Jupiter in Sun cycle

March 29: Sun is square Saturn in Sun cycle

March 30: Progressed Moon is sextile progressed Mars in America’s chart

Jupiter semisquare Pluto in Jupiter cycle starts > peak power date is April 11

Forecast: Financial pressures, higher prices, drastic financial events, coercion, money laundering, corruption, coercive trade practices, disunity at the trade talks, religious persecution, kidnappings, corrupt judges

Forecast periods

Events related to a designated aspect can occur during its forecast period.

Aspects in the sky have a wide time-frame that’s determined by the aspect’s orb of influence. The date indicated is when the aspect is perfect and at its peak power.

Aspects formed by Mars in the Mars cycle have a 3 day time-frame (36 hours either side of the indicated peak date) or 6 days (72 hours either side of the indicated peak date) if it’s a parallel aspect.

Aspects formed by the Sun in the Sun cycle have a 2 day time-frame (24 hours either side of the aspect’s peak time).

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