You’ve accessed liberation information

Liberation information is information that allows you to rid yourself of false teachings, wrong ideas and misguided cultural practices. It sets its sights on freedom, liberty and self-determination so it must provide personal and other truths that allow you to release yourself from the false and misguided teachings imposed by already established cultural institutions. It must consider all the factors pertinent to the matter in question – you and your life experience – and must be evidence-based and verifiable. So you must be able to validate its authenticity for yourself. And Hermetic astrology provides you with liberation information that can set you free.

Hermetic astrology views your life through a lens that focuses on two environments. The external physical environment provides you with the opportunity to develop intelligence and ability through an encounter with the material world: And your inner-world astrological environment provides you with an astrology code, a character reference and astrological energies that stimulate your thoughts, feelings and desires into activity. You’re here to participate in the progress of God’s Great Evolutionary Enterprise and Hermetic astrology illuminates the powerful role played by these two environments in shaping your natural abilities and the role you’re destined to play.

So you’ve got a local environment in which you live and operate. It provides experiences – events and conditions. You develop ability by overcoming problems and inhospitable conditions and by setting yourself progressive challenges. Action is determined by your immediate environment. It becomes the means by which powerful unconscious yearnings are satisfied. The desire to win, the desire for sex, the desire to acquire and the desire to eat stimulate action and what happens is determined by your local environment.

And you’ve got a birthchart. As your charter of birth it’s your official blueprint for the development of thoughts and feelings – skills and abilities – intelligence and ability – and love and wisdom. Your astrology code connects you to the universe and God. And the world, the country in which you live, your local environment and your home provide the setting for your self-development. Hermetic astrology explains your astrology code in a way that allows you to determine its current state of advancement, what you’re doing wrong and what you have to do to correct the misguided character traits that have developed. It provides liberation information that can set you free.

An event can only occur if the external and internal environments give it the go ahead. And both the fortunate and unfortunate events you experience should be viewed as character development opportunities. Your character is your most important possession and its progress and development is your prime concern and responsibility. It has been with you ever since you began your grand evolutionary journey, but was naturally inclined to develop faults and defects. They’re displayed in your astrology code and correcting and overcoming these misguided tendencies is the only way you’ll get better at being you. This isn’t easy, but Hermetic science explains how to do it. It provides liberation information that rids you of the awful uncertainty of just not knowing.

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