There’s astrology and Hermetic astrology

There are various schools of astrological thought and various systems of astrology. Some astrology is better than others and the fortune-tellers and Sun-sign astrologers have always damaged astrology’s fragile reputation. But the idea that there can be various schools of astrological thought is wrong.

Astrological principles cannot be subject to a variety of interpretations so there can only be one science of astrology. Universal astrological laws do express through an unlimited diversity of life so there is diversity in their influence, but there cannot be a diversity of astrological principles expressing through a diversity of systems. This lack of uniformity has been a problem for astrological science for over 100 years and today different systems use methods and devices that each considers pertinent and essential. It’s a situation that adversely affects astrology’s scientific credibility.

The one point of agreement is that the stars in the sky somehow influence your life and the events you experience. But different systems use different charts – different stars – and some focus on events, not your character. The use of non-astrological factors to explain events is common. The birthchart, which is always used as a reference point, is most often viewed as a map of astrological and mystical symbols that cause events that just seem to happen. But then there’s Hermetic astrology.

Hermetic astrology claims there’s a connection between the stars and human destiny.  As a social science it seeks to discover nature’s laws. It seeks to understand how these laws operate on a personal level – via the birthchart – for the purpose of better adaptation, social usefulness, self-development and spiritual progress.

Hermetic astrology explains the connection between the soul and stars. It explains the precise role played by astrological energies in your soul’s consciousness development and life experience. It contains powerful information that is not secret, but the personal astrology code displayed in your birthchart provides a wealth of self-information that cannot be obtained from any other source. It links personal traits, qualities and events with their astrological markers. It allows you to review your character development – how you got to be the way you are – and to monitor your future development. It claims that your potential self is suspended in a realm of limitless possibilities. And because it offers you a whole new way of thinking about your life and yourself it will challenge many of your opinions and beliefs.

The accuracy of any bit of astrological information is determined by its authenticity and its capacity to clearly explain, in easy to understand words and sentences, what’s going on in the dynamic realm of unconscious thought. And its usefulness is determined by the user’s capacity to gain self-understanding and to advance their success, health, happiness and spirituality. To be of value astrological information must be used and astrological advice must be acted on. And every system of astrology must be judged by its accuracy, the authenticity of its claims, and its social usefulness.

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