The Hermetic system of astrology

Different systems of astrology reflect different schools of thought. Each uses a common reference point called the birthchart, but different systems construct the chart differently and use different astrological effects. Systems differ in what they claim the chart represents and they differ in the way they assess the chart and the conclusions they draw. They differ over the question of personal control and free-will. A particular system’s brand name permits distinct identification and the brand name – Hermetic astrology – simply distinguishes it from all the other systems of astrology.

So the Hermetic System of Astrology identifies a particular school of astrological thought. It differs from all the other systems in that it embraces additional features, but it’s grounded in standard astrology. And it only departs from standard astrological methods when experience, based on research, proves these methods to be in error. In addition to the factors commonly employed by most standard astrologers – the planets, signs, aspects and houses – it contains other features which promote greater precision. These features, particularly the astrodyne measurements, give the science of astrology far greater practical usefulness. Instead of haphazard rules and vague comments Hermetic astrology presents specific rules and definite specific statements that explain the influence of each marker in the birthchart.

Brand Hermetic provides a unique, accurate and easy-to-understand interpretative system to the chart. It asserts the values of individual autonomy and informed choice. Brand Hermetic will help you decide which goals are worthy of your time, effort and energy – it will help you choose the right goals – and it will help you reach these goals.

Destructive behaviors are a self-development liability and Hermetic astrology will let you know when your behavior has become destructive, ineffective and self-defeating. Brand Hermetic will help you understand your own mental processes, emotions and feelings. Such insight permits personal control and the accurate prediction of future behavior. Brand Hermetic also provides personal behavior modification guidance that can help you harmonize the discord and enhance your mental, emotional and spiritual contentment.

Hermetic astrology is the social-science that studies the key properties of the mind and their astrological equivalents. These properties can be summed up as thoughts and feelings. Hermetic astrology provides a thought-based theory of life. It acknowledges psychological and biological individuality. It knows that the important stuff is hidden from you – the thinker – so it’s dedicated to bringing this unconscious world of thoughts and feelings to your attention. It claims that the astrological energies transmitted by the planets and zodiac signs impact on your soul – the evolving life-force commonly known as the unconscious mind – and dynamic unconscious drivers influence the events and conditions you experience. Your behavior is simply a response to circumstance and both the circumstance and the behavior are caused by your unconscious mental activity – not the planets. Hermetic astrology is the master key that unlocks the door to this spectacular information and it’s a privilege to contact the Hermetic System of Astrology.

Hermetic astrology considers events and when they can occur, but its primary consideration is the realm of mind where experiences are reproduced as thoughts and feelings and stored in memory. It views all behavior as being the result of an underlying mental infrastructure – a thought built mental dynamic it calls the unconscious mind. Your mind processes your experiences into states of consciousness and your astrology code details its developmental state at the time of your human birth. Your birthchart details how your thought and feeling world or character has been assembled into a unified consciousness. This dynamic intelligence system builds the physical body it animates and operates and manages its biochemical activity.

Hermetic astrology paints a startling new picture of human nature. As a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviors called character your human nature expresses as a set of traits and characteristics that your astrology code details and explains. It explains how your character is best expressed and put into action. Hermetic astrology celebrates you and your unique version of human nature. It explains the hidden processes that have shaped your development, provides fresh detail on who you are, and has a large body of scientific evidence to back up its claims.

Hermetic astrology is a scientifically researched self-science. Its focus is on self-understanding and self-development and the astrological information embraced within its knowledge-base is the result of careful observation, statistical analysis and systematic investigation. It’s not concerned with pure science – that is, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Hermetic astrology seeks knowledge that can be studied, learnt and applied. But this doesn’t mean that the scientific establishment accepts its statistically researched rules and principles. On the contrary it aggressively discredits astrology and refuses to investigate its claims.

Hermetic astrology competes with other belief systems in the information market place. It competes with other philosophies that attempt to explain the mystery of life. It competes with other self-development disciplines. It competes with other ideologies that seek to explain life and death. It provides what it sees as a true and accurate explanation of life and it competes by providing facts supported by evidence-based research.

From your personal point of view the best system of astrology is the one that provides you with the most accurate interpretation of your birthchart. It’s the one that you consider provides the best, most reliable information that you can use to make your life better. So your job, as the critical thinker, is to judge the integrity of the various systems.

Biology and neuroscience try to make sense of the great mystery called life, but they’re only working with half the data so their explanations are naturally lopsided and narrow. Like a person looking at a mountain they see a particular perspective, but not what’s on the other side: And Hermetic astrology explains the other non-physical side of the great mystery. Hermetic astrology is where science and religion merge into evidence-based belief. It provides you with an ID that unites you with the universe and its ultimate aim is to reveal to you the secret to your success.

The Hermetic system of astrology explains the birthchart as a character template where thoughts and feelings (the planets) and attitudes and motivations (the zodiac signs) are spurred into activity by environmental triggers (the houses).

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