Hermetic astrology is a self-science

Science represents a method or way of gathering and evaluating information. It’s exploration with a purpose that starts with an impulse to find out something. A scientific judgment is a judgment based upon evidence that can be evaluated. It represents classified data. The word science means knowledge so self-science means self-knowledge and self-knowledge comes from self-observation and self-research. Science involves logic and objectivity and self-science is the pursuit of unbiased, open, transparent self-information that is logical and objective. Self-science provides scientific self-information. It’s evidence-based data about yourself. You can’t be told who you are by someone else because they don’t really know and you don’t want their uninformed, biased opinion anyway. You’re the only person who can know and understand yourself.

Hermetic astrology is the one great self-science. You have the capacity to be self-aware and Hermetic astrology invites you to enhance your level of self-awareness. It’s devoted to helping you assess and examine your astrology code and to finding and utilizing the code’s natural potential. It invites you to study your soul or not-conscious mind. It’s who you are and the cause of your life experience. As a self-science Hermetic astrology starts with basic astrological knowledge that you can convert into self-information, and then it encourages you to self-develop by applying the self-information. It employs basic research and is the only social science to employ applied research.

Hermetic astrology is a self-science that explains the ground rules for life and your astrology code explains the ground rules for your life experience. It reduces the complexities of life to rules that you can learn and apply in a personal context. It explains what you have to do to reach your full potential, based on the very personal information provided by your birthchart.

Your birthchart is all about you so it proclaims that the best person to understand your astrology code is you. The chart allows you to evaluate your mental starter pack and the life experience that best sustains its development. Hermetic astrology is a self-science that throws new light on who you are. It allows you to re-frame your identity in the light of astrological information. And when you integrate the character pictured in your birthchart with your conditioning by experience and current circumstance you have the full story of you and your life.

Hermetic astrology provides a blaze of self-information and a systematic procedure for evaluating your own astrology code. It allows you to use your birthchart as a personal life-guide and reveals and explains your appointed study course in the school of life. You can apply research-based astrological data to your own birthchart. Your capacity to understand your astrological potential is enhanced with research-based astrological data. And research based data increases your capacity to make accurate astrological assessments. Hermetic astrology is the only authentic self-science. Its focus is on your experience of yourself and you’re the only person who can judge if the astrology code pictured in your birthchart provides an accurate account of your character and life-story so far.

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