Hermetic astrology and why you need to know some

Hermetic astrology is the science of the soul and the stars. Its subject matter – a soul whose life experience and consciousness development are influenced by dynamic astrological forces – is non-physical. The soul that animates your body is a non-physical astral intelligence and while the planets and stars are physical objects the energies they transmit are non-physical. So Hermetic astrology immediately transports you to the realm of high-speed, four-dimensional astral energies. It’s the science of finding and utilizing the natural potential that’s mapped in your birthchart and Hermetic science provides an explanation of you and your life that is supported by observation, evidence-based research, measurement and statistical analysis. Hermetic astrology invites you – the self-curious thinker – to learn about your natural potential and developmental schedule and that’s why you need to know some.

A thought presupposes a mind to produce it and Hermetic science explains that your mind or mental self is not reducible to physics. Its central focus is your soul or unconscious mind where your conscious thoughts and feelings originate. It explains that your soul is a self-organizing intelligence system and it’s not an accidental creation. It exists for a definite purpose and fulfilling this purpose requires training and development. Hermetic science explains how the non-physical can produce, interact with and influence something that is physical. It explains the mechanism that binds your soul to your body and how your soul acts as the organizing principle in the construction and day to day management of your biological self. It explains how your soul’s knowledge and intelligence have evolved through a developmental process that required the gradual learning of slightly more difficult tasks; and that it permanently retains in memory all its experiences. It explains that your life experience and consciousness development is purely educational.

Hermetic science explains that your mental life is influenced by physical and astrological events. It explains how your mind plays a direct role in affecting the state of the world and that astrological energies affect the state of your mind. It explains what’s going on when unconscious thoughts and feelings are downloaded into your brain as conscious thoughts and feelings. It explains that neuronal firings are physical descriptions of unconscious thoughts and feelings that represent a learned response to circumstance stored in memory and that new astrological events cause the formation of new thoughts and feelings. Hermetic science explains that each psychological state is a collection of thought-elements behaving in a certain way and that the predisposition to form a particular mental behavior is mapped in your birthchart. It explains your conditioning by experience and that any learned behavior can be unlearned and changed.

Hermetic astrology is a self-information service that answers two fundamental questions – who you are and why you exist. You’re astro-chipped to the universe and Hermetic astrology explains how you can find yourself, and your reason for being, in your personal astrology code. It’s there to help you navigate the code. It takes away the confusion, doubt and uncertainty and allows you to enter into the spirit of the Aquarian age. You can say with certainty – I know. And that’s why you need to know some.

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