Hermetic astrology: 1915-1949

In 1915 the principles of Hermetic astrology were based on ancient traditions and unsubstantiated beliefs and by 1949 it was an evidence-based science and measuring astral force.

From 1900 and 1915, based on traditional Hermetic teachings, The Hermetic System of Astrology was developed by Elbert Benjamine. It was first taught in 1915 and made available in manuscript form to students in 1920. At this time the system included a number of teachings that had not been tested to determine their veracity and with the establishment of The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department in April 1924 all the ancient teachings were given an Aquarian Age makeover. The astrology of the ancients was tested in a large series of birthcharts. And all the beliefs that didn’t survive the scientific testing were eliminated from the system. By 1934 the birthchart used in The Hermetic System of Astrology only displayed astrological markers whose function had been scientifically tested. The development of a systematic procedure for assessing the chart and the astro-data it contained came next.

Then, in 1938, Elbert knew something was missing. He knew that you have a unique character that expresses outstanding features, behaviour traits, attributes, aptitudes, talents, strengths and weaknesses and the astrology code pictured in your birthchart displays this uniqueness. And he knew that an accurate assessment of your character not only required a systematic assessment of your chart, it required measurement. He knew that the only way the assessment of the birthchart could attain scientific credibility was for each marker in the chart to be measured. And in 1946 the systematic assessment procedure he had developed was further improved by the development of astrodynes. Their mathematical precision marked a revolutionary advancement in the systematic assessment of birthcharts. The astrodynes are the most recent development in a project that seeks to refine and improve the understanding of the birthchart and the astro-data it contains.

But in 1950 a chart had to be constructed before it could be assessed and most people couldn’t construct a chart so its use as a personal resource was a visionary ideal. The custom was for those who could construct a chart to become astrologers. It was a situation caused by circumstance but Elbert Benjamine always encouraged people to assess their own charts. He knew that astrology was essentially a self-science. He knew that the best person to understand the astrological messages written in your birthchart was you. He wanted you to have personal access to the information contained in your chart. He didn’t want you believing what others thought. And now in the computer age you have easy access to a computer calculated birthchart and the information it contains and Elbert’s idealistic vision of you being your own astrologer can become a reality.

You could say that The Hermetic System of Astrology as it currently exists is the Elbert Benjamine system of astrology but, as a member of The Brotherhood of Light, Elbert had access to the Brotherhood’s astrological knowledge-base and the thoughts and ideas of other Hermetic astrologers. He was the person who pulled all the information together into a coherent and unified whole and The Hermetic System of Astrology is the system of astrology used by The Brotherhood of Light.

Elbert Benjamine, writing as CC Zain, claimed: ‘Astrology is the most perfect instrument in existence for the interpretation of the individual’s true relation to the universe and to God.’ And in The Hermetic System of Astrology he provides you with information that allows you to do just that. And with enough research-based self-information you’re in a position to take control of your life, health and destiny.

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