Elbert Benjamine

Elbert Benjamine, the foremost astrologer of the Aquarian Age, was born Benjamin Parker Williams, in Adel, Iowa on December 12, 1882. He was the only child of Emma and William Williams. His childhood circumstances – via his father and grandfather – provided him with an opportunity to learn about nature, the natural world and the God-intelligence that directed the show. His higher education was acquired at Iowa State University where he studied to be a naturalist. With extraordinary natural gifts, which included the capacity to penetrate the illusion of appearance and understand the most abstruse scientific information he was mentally equipped to eventually become a virtuoso in comprehending and explaining the natural world and the (occult) astrological laws that influenced how it worked. Elbert played the lead role in transforming the old unscientific – superstitious – astrology into the world’s only research-based self-science. Benjamin P Williams changed his name legally to Elbert Benjamine in 1920.

At age 16 Elbert had his first encounter with occult processes when he learned to hypnotize his school friends. And two years later, in 1900, he was teaching himself astrology. In 1910 he gave his promise to present The Brotherhood of Light teachings, including The Hermetic System of Astrology, in a systematic format that favored its easy learning. In 1914 he commenced writing the Brotherhood’s teachings as individual lessons and in 1915 moved to Los Angeles where he lived till his physical demise in 1951. For 35 years he wrote, revised and rewrote The Brotherhood of Light lessons.

In 1910 all the astrologers – except Elbert Benjamine – were marching to a mystical Piscean rhythm. Elbert was the only one who recognized that the old astrology had to be re-presented and restated in a new scientific way. This was a time of sensational discovery. The life-sciences were explaining the key mechanisms that revealed how astrological energies influenced life and Elbert accepted the challenge to break the astrology code and explain how it worked.

His starting point was the universe. He knew it made sense because God made it in an orderly way. Then there was life. He knew that the soul was a dynamic creative component of the natural world and that astrological and other laws had some input into its consciousness development. So he set out to discover how the natural world operated and the role played by astrological energies in its evolution. He worked with the great Hermetic axiom ‘as above, so below’. It proclaims that the heavens above influence and guide developments here on Earth.

At first he studied the physical sciences that explain the known laws that govern nature and then he went beyond matter and the physical world of cells, genes, hormones and chemical reactions. He entered the sub-atomic realm of thoughts, thought-cells, psychokinetic power and intelligence development. He went where few had ever gone and what he discovered was simply wondrous: An inner-realm of astrological forces and souls on developmental journeys. He found ‘the ghost in the machine’ and explained how the soul maintained contact with and managed the biological processes of the physical body it temporarily animates.

Then he turned his attention to astrology and astrological energies. He knew they had some input into the soul’s character and ability development so they had to be investigated and understood too. At the start he worked with the current astrological knowledge-base – clarified what was fact and fallacy – developed new concepts and daring theories – and then wiped the slate clean. He commenced to construct an entirely new understanding of astrology. He established a new astrological model that began with interaction. He viewed the birthchart, the soul and the environment as a development system. He recognized the dynamic interaction between the chart, the evolving soul-intelligence and the environmental setting that provides experience. Thought-cells express themselves strictly in accordance with the astrological and physical environments and there’s no thought-cell formation – no consciousness – without environmental contact.

Elbert Benjamine observed the trick by which unconscious thought-cell activity and the external physical environment interact to produce an organism’s life and behavior. Nature – thought-cell activity – and nurture – the external environment including the genes – interact and Elbert Benjamine comprehended the nature of the interaction. He worked out how your life was the result of dynamic unconscious drivers operating in an environmental setting – how they were able to influence your conscious behavior – and that your life came with an astrological script that was written in your birthchart.

The science of astrology commences with the birthchart. It pictures an astrology code that acts as a character and talent development blueprint and Elbert Benjamine broke the code – translated it into English – devised a systematic method for personal interpretation – and gave it to humanity. He discovered that the popular conception of astrology as a simple causal agent was invalid. A birthchart factor could not be seen as an autonomous unit. And its influence was not set in cement or predetermined. He translated the astrological messages left by spiritual masters and applied a culturally relevant perspective to their original meanings. He transformed the way we think about astrology and was the leading public educator about astrology and the birthchart. He is the source of the Hermetic Philosophy here on Earth, and the Church of Light is the organization that brings his intellectual legacy to you and the modern world.

Elbert Benjamine made pioneering breakthroughs in both our scientific knowledge and religious concepts. He expanded our understanding of life and the world, discovered and explained the role played by astrology in your past, present and future and presented a masterful integration of information from various sources into a great edifice of astrological and spiritual knowledge. He released you from the constraints imposed by orthodoxy and fundamentalism. Charles Darwin – the biologist – discovered the evolutionary mechanism that influenced biological life and Elbert Benjamine connected biological evolution with the evolution of an astral intelligence called the soul. Mapping the human genome was kid’s stuff. What he did was the intellectual equivalent of landing the Apollo spacecraft on the Moon. For the first time ever he provided you with the information and tools that allow you to understand who you are and why you are here. As the Brotherhood of Light’s representative here on Earth Elbert had to get the facts of life right and his occult insights, research based evidence and unification of science and religion represent one of humanity’s greatest achievements – a remarkable achievement for human thought.

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