A new astrological model for Aquarius

In Tetrabiblos Ptolemy claimed: ‘Genuine astrology is a testimony of God’s works and is therefore holy. It is by no means a frivolous thing. Somehow the images of celestial things are stamped upon the interior of the human being by some hidden method of absorption….the character of the sky flowed into us at birth.’ And this was the great mystery that needed to be solved and understood at the start of the Aquarian age. You could say it was a quest to discover how the astrological environment influenced the mind, behavior and life experience. And Elbert Benjamine accepted the challenge.

Classical astrology had no laws. There was a birthchart that displayed an astrology code, but what the code actually stood for was unknown. In around 50AD Ptolemy presented the rules for the chart’s construction and interpretation and for the next 2000 years – as life on Earth experienced evolutionary change – astrology stayed the same.

Then with the dawning of Aquarius things changed and fantastic discoveries – the electrical nature of life, electromagnetism and Freud’s unconscious mind – saw a re-writing of our understanding of life. Thought was an electrical impulse – the hormone secretions of the endocrine glands played a powerful role in growth and behavior – and the genes from the parents influenced the offspring’s inherited physical traits. With all this new information available Elbert Benjamine set out to discover how astrological energies influenced the mind and behavior.

Working with all this new life-data Elbert Benjamine pieced together the mechanics of astrology and created a new astrological model of life. In his model a human soul is born with an astrological potential that’s displayed in its birthchart; the consciousness the chart maps is a legacy of previous experience; and astrological events that occur in the chart during the soul’s human incarnation attract new events and conditions that sustain its intelligence and ability development. He explained how astrology and your birthchart reveal your life story.

He then explained that the soul attaches itself by the psychokinetic power of its own thoughts to the fertilized egg cell and proceeds to build and give shape to the physical body it will animate and temporarily inhabit. He explained that the reception point for the astral energies being transmitted by the planets was the soul or unconscious mind and that the electrical energies being generated by the cells of the physical body create an electromagnetic field that allow unconscious thoughts and feelings to be downloaded onto the screen of consciousness in the brain. He then explained the role of conditioning and environment in the thought-cell behavior that develops and then he put it all together in The Brotherhood of Light lessons.

At last the astrology puzzle – the role and influence of the astrological environment on life and behavior – had been solved. It had been a long time coming. Powerful information from the ancient masters came down to Ptolemy – then through Pisces – and finally to Aquarius and the age of fantastic knowledge. And Elbert Benjamine put all the bits and pieces together and provided a new astrological model of life for Aquarius.

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