1. What is astrology?

    Astrology – astro + logy (logy is the Greek word for science) – means the science of the influence of the stars. It’s the oldest of the occult sciences – the origin of science itself. It’s used in the same … Continued

  2. There’s astrology and Hermetic astrology

    There are various schools of astrological thought and various systems of astrology. Some astrology is better than others and the fortune-tellers and Sun-sign astrologers have always damaged astrology’s fragile reputation. But the idea that there can be various schools of … Continued

  3. The Hermetic system of astrology

    Different systems of astrology reflect different schools of thought. Each uses a common reference point called the birthchart, but different systems construct the chart differently and use different astrological effects. Systems differ in what they claim the chart represents and … Continued

  4. A new astrological model for Aquarius

    In Tetrabiblos Ptolemy claimed: ‘Genuine astrology is a testimony of God’s works and is therefore holy. It is by no means a frivolous thing. Somehow the images of celestial things are stamped upon the interior of the human being by … Continued

  5. You’ve accessed liberation information

    Liberation information is information that allows you to rid yourself of false teachings, wrong ideas and misguided cultural practices. It sets its sights on freedom, liberty and self-determination so it must provide personal and other truths that allow you to … Continued

  6. Hermetic astrology is a self-science

    Science represents a method or way of gathering and evaluating information. It’s exploration with a purpose that starts with an impulse to find out something. A scientific judgment is a judgment based upon evidence that can be evaluated. It represents … Continued

  7. The scientific evidence is overwhelming

    The Hermetic System of Astrology presents a theory. It’s a theory about the soul, its consciousness development and the astrological forces that guide and influence its developmental journey. It’s a grand theory of life that invites skepticism. But just like … Continued

  8. Hermetic astrology and why you need to know some

    Hermetic astrology is the science of the soul and the stars. Its subject matter – a soul whose life experience and consciousness development are influenced by dynamic astrological forces – is non-physical. The soul that animates your body is a … Continued

  9. Hermetic astrology: 1915-1949

    In 1915 the principles of Hermetic astrology were based on ancient traditions and unsubstantiated beliefs and by 1949 it was an evidence-based science and measuring astral force. From 1900 and 1915, based on traditional Hermetic teachings, The Hermetic System of Astrology … Continued

  10. Elbert Benjamine

    Elbert Benjamine, the foremost astrologer of the Aquarian Age, was born Benjamin Parker Williams, in Adel, Iowa on December 12, 1882. He was the only child of Emma and William Williams. His childhood circumstances – via his father and grandfather … Continued