The Pluto period and the age of horrible events

So Aquarius is providing the pathway along which humanity’s political, cultural, religious and economic trends are now traveling. But there’s a lot of un-Aquarian bad stuff going on and this can be traced to Pluto and the Pluto period.

The Pluto period officially began when Clyde W Tombaugh discovered Pluto on February 18, 1930. And this astrological event which stimulated the expression of Lower-Pluto’s diabolical tendencies has instigated an age of horrible events.

Pluto is the planet of coercion, cooperation, groups and division. He does things on an international level and he’s divided the world into groups of countries and compels them to cooperate or coerce. He rules dictators, rogue countries, terrorism, nuclear weapons and unspeakable atrocities. Pluto has an obsession for death and killing. And in the political arena many democratically elected leaders wield a great deal of dictatorial positional power and they and their party machines are under the influence of Pluto.

The Lower-Pluto thought-force that’s expressing a non-stop barrage of coercion and inversion has taken the lead role in world affairs. All developed countries engage in economic and military coercion and coercion is considered a legitimate means to the end. It’s used to force countries to cooperate. And the distortion and misrepresentation of facts is widespread. Lower-Pluto – the selfish troublemaker – is intent on stifling progress through disunity and the falsification of information. Evil wickedness drives the terrorist group and through terror, dread, horror, duress, threats and intimidation it’s intent on the deliberate and systematic brutalization of the human soul. And the deliberate use of fear and terror to retard the soul’s consciousness development represents an abuse of its human-rights. After an encounter with Lower-Pluto’s inhumanity your mind is scarred and in terrible condition.

With the discovery of Pluto on February 18, 1930 the world entered an astral energy stream that is best described as insidious, treacherous, evil and dangerous. Sixteen weeks earlier – on October 24, 1929 – Wall Street crashed and then came The Great Depression. It was a time of dreadful terror, when people without work, food or money struggled to survive. And then, in 1939, came the Second World War. It was won by the forces of light, but Lower-Pluto’s forces were soon back with a vengeance.

From 1945 to 1989 the world was gripped by fear and uncertainty as the Cold War highlighted the ideological, political and economic tensions between the USSR and Eastern Europe and the USA and Western Europe. That’s when the world got divided – severely disunited – and Lower-Pluto was calling the shots. In 1953 Crick and Watson discovered the secret of life – DNA – and life became strictly biological. By now Darwin’s theory of evolution was gaining wide public acceptance. The world was charging at atheistic materialism and Lower-Pluto was writing the script.

To gain a deeper insight into the Pluto Period the Hermetic System of Numbers and Sacred Tarot can be applied to learn more about its influence and direction. The term Pluto Period works out at 10 with 16 being the key to the decave. This reveals that Arcanum 10, corresponding to Uranus and a change of fortune, is the major influence on the Pluto Period; and Arcanum 16, corresponding to Mars and an accident or catastrophe, indicates the direction in which this change of fortune is moving. And on August 6, 1945 when US planes dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Mars was conjunction Uranus in the sky and Pluto was square Pluto in the Pluto cycle.

Nuclear fission (Pluto) is used to generate electricity (Uranus) that runs cities, but when an accident (Mars) occurs at a nuclear power plant (Pluto) there’s a change of fortune (Uranus). And when rogue countries develop nuclear weapons there’s a menacing and dangerous situation. And when the wheel of fortune spins in the direction of accidents and catastrophe can a nuclear disaster be averted? The only protection against the destructive power of the Nuclear Age is for international cooperation to be in control of this revolutionary energy.

So it’s the age of terror, sieges, hostage taking, political division, economic uncertainty, mega-debt, genes, DNA and scientific atheism. Life has become a meaningless random genetic event and Lower-Pluto is pulling the strings. Lower-Pluto attacks your soul and stifles its progress by making you believe that when your body dies, your brain dies and you do too. Television – a Lower-Pluto creation – serves up a non-stop program of death, killing, grief and misery. By keeping the soul frightened and terrorized Lower-Pluto retards its emotional growth and spiritual development. The Pluto period has been marked by division, coercion, insidious evil, atheistic materialism, crime, corruption, fear and terror. It has no use-by date, seems to be gathering momentum and is having a devastating impact on the Age of Aquarius.

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