The Age of Aquarius

There’s a cycle in astronomy and astrology known as the precessional cycle or the precession of the equinoxes. It’s also called the Great or Platonic Year and it’s the largest cycle considered in Hermetic astrology. Understanding its technicalities and measurement isn’t important but you can learn more by typing ‘precessional cycle’ into your search engine. The cycle refers to the time it takes the equinox to make one complete trip through the zodiac. And its movement through each zodiac sign is called an Age. The Earth’s precessional cycle times when life on Earth will come under the influence of the zodiac sign in which the equinox is located.

The cycle is commonly stated as taking approximately 26,000 years, but the latest calculations by the International Astronomical Union in 2006 puts the whole cycle at between 25,765 and 25,772 years. Interest at the present time concerns the location of the equinox – is it in Pisces or Aquarius? And yes the equinox does move back through the zodiac. And due to the time period involved you would be right in thinking that determining the precise day and time that the equinox moved back from Pisces into Aquarius would be nigh on impossible. But…..

Hermetic astrologers believe that the Age of Aquarius commenced when the Sun entered Aquarius on January 19, 1881 at 8.56.42pm UT. This rectified chart was first presented by Elbert Benjamine in the 1921 issue of The Brotherhood of Light Annual and a detailed explanation of its background can be found in his book Astrological Lore of all Ages. Discussion of the chart data achieves nothing, but the measure of the chart’s worth is determined by its capacity to describe conditions as they exist on Earth and to predict current and future developments. Aquarius rules electricity and it can be noted that on September 4, 1882 – 20 months after Aquarius dawned – Thomas Edison flipped the switch to the first electrical power plant in history, lighting one square mile of lower Manhattan.  Many consider this to be the day that started the electrical age and we would add that Aquarius has been electrifying the world ever since. And a little knowledge of astrology quickly reveals that humanity has moved out of the ‘I believe’ motivation of the emotional water sign Pisces into the ‘I know’ motivation of the intellectual air sign Aquarius.

The Aquarian Age chart can be called the world chart or the master chart, but there is no single chart to consult. Individual countries have their own unique version – the house positions of the planets are different – which reveals the chart’s influence on their progress and development. But, regardless of house position, the outstanding events which happen are always characteristic of the planets involved in the astrological events and this means the Aquarian Age chart not only reveals world trends but the influence of these trends on individual countries. The world’s political, economic, business, military, religious, science, education, social, home life and domestic trends are now being influenced by Aquarius – the sign of knowledge, science and technology. There’s been an Aquarian Age shift in consciousness, your life has been changed by technology, and accelerated change has you living your one fabulous human life at break-neck speed. The world you’re living in is an emerging Aquarian reality.

Aquarius is divided into three decanate sub-sections and we are currently in the Libra decanate. Its influence is explained in symbolic pictograph by Cetus the sea-monster. And Cetus is the universal symbol of discord. There are many discords in human life, but Libra is the marriage sign and from the standpoint of prevalence and potency there is no greater source of discord in human life than that generated by discordant marital relations. Love is the feeling force that builds and binds and according to Cetus the greatest evil on the Earth today is not hate, violence or terrorism – it’s the loveless marriage.

Libra is the sign of equality and when the equinox moved into the Libra decanate of Aquarius it launched a worldwide struggle for equal rights. Women in many regions of the world have now gained privileges that during the age of Pisces were only granted to men and in the 21st-century gay marriage and equal legal rights for everyone are hot social issues. But the struggle isn’t easy. There are social, political and religious forces with special privilege that fight to maintain their privileges by blocking you from gaining yours. This Aquarius-Libra trend has a 720 year time frame so there’s a long way to go and between now and 2601 the world will eradicate special privilege and the justice system will consider every human soul equal under the law with equal human and economic rights.

Cetus also symbolizes another social danger – atheistic materialism. It’s a monster that easily devours the unsuspecting soul. And when its advocates occupy positions of power in politics, education and the press its influence becomes tremendously destructive. They’re determined to impose their convictions on the world and the recent past reveals that their chief weapons in the campaign to prevent the widespread dissemination of facts that disprove their materialistic model of life – the proof of astrology, life after death and super-physical power – are persecution and repression. And their chief intention is to keep you bound to the physical world – the rock of materialism.

Each astrological age is subdivided into seven sections. The first is ruled by the Sun, the second by Venus, the third by Mercury, the fourth by the Moon, the fifth by Saturn, the sixth by Jupiter and the seventh by Mars. And we are currently in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age. The Sun is the planet of politics and the Sun section of the Aquarian Age is featuring politics, imperialism and powerful government. It’s in the political sphere that rights are won, maintained and defended. But the indications are that during this period representative democracy and totalitarian forms of government cannot exist side by side and that one nation or world government will attain dominance and dictate to the rest. So you could say that the Aquarian Age Agenda is currently in the hands of the politicians. This state of affairs will last for approximately 307 years – till around 2188.

The transition from Pisces to Aquarius has been very precarious. We don’t have a roadmap, compass or political or spiritual leader to guide us and navigating by the stars is strictly for naval offices and sailors. It’s the age of intellectual cleverness – even the phones are smart – but there’s so much we just don’t know. We don’t know who we are, what we’re doing here or where we are going. So we play follow the leader unaware that our political, religious, business and scientific leaders don’t know either. We do know that planet Earth is a hostile and dangerous place and that without a roadmap it’s easy to get lost. But with all the division, bickering, uncertainty and horrible events never forget that you’re currently one of the cast in the greatest show on Earth – God’s Great Evolutionary Plan.

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