Sun and Moon – the politicians and their constituents

The Sun is the planet of politics, governance, the ruling authority and those with position and power. He rules world leaders – the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, Premiers and governors. He even rules Kings and Queens although most these days are only figureheads.

The Sun rules any person who has a position of authority including local government officials, mayors and bosses who exercise power over the workers.

Prominent academics are ruled by the Sun and Mercury, prominent police officials are ruled by the Sun and Mars. Those with religious power such as the Pope are ruled by the Sun and Jupiter and trade union leaders are ruled by the Sun and Uranus. The Sun rules any person of outstanding importance

The Sun represents the governing authority in all countries. He rules authoritarianism, arrogance, blaming behavior, the cult of self-boosterism and gold.

A dysfunctional Sun – and the Sun in the Aquarian age chart is square Saturn – expresses as poor governance, political ineptness and incompetent political leadership.


The Moon is the planet of the home, family matters and family life. She rules civilians, the common or everyday people – the masses or general populace – and represents the greater part of humanity. Many struggle to survive and they’re the ones most affected by poverty, disease and natural disasters.

In a democracy the general populace plays an important role. They have the right to vote and elect into office their political representatives to govern and administer a country’s economic and other affairs. In a free and fair election the Moon is largely responsible for whoever gets elected.

Aquarius is currently re-inventing the family unit. There’s the nuclear family, the blended family, the defacto family, the gay family, the one parent family, the no children family and the single person family.

The Moon rules groceries, everyday commodities, food stuffs and silver.

A dysfunctional Moon has an insatiable appetite for gossip and novelty. She’s listless, easily bored and inclined to develop eating disorders. She’s turned eating into the ultimate life experience. There are exotic foods, gourmet foods, plain foods, fresh foods, frozen foods, fast foods, slow foods and delicacies. The great fast-food pig out is a western-world phenomenon.

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