Scientific global astrology

Global astrology is the scientific study of astrological charts that influence global events and developments. It’s primarily an observational science. The charts – as forecast models – describe and explain what’s going on here on Earth. Events move along the time dimension and what’s happening here below reflects an event or condition that currently exists as a potential in a global astrology chart. The vibrational influence of the planets reaching the Earth through space causes changes to the Earth’s environment. And the global astrologer provides an assessment of what’s going on and forecasts an outcome. The astrological events with the most power have the strongest influence and a careful analysis of a chart’s power, harmony or discord permits an accurate forecast of its influence on global affairs.

There are 196 countries with their own set of charts. A common astrology code that’s determined by time is individualized by place. And individual cycle charts reveal which sectors of a country’s affairs will be influenced by the impacting energy for the duration of the chart. Astrology for Aquarius presents the astrological charts for the United States of America because it’s the world’s economic and military powerhouse. But you can calculate the same charts for the country where you live and observe their influence. And Astrology for Aquarius provides the most accurate chart times currently available.

A precise astrological forecast requires a clear understanding of the astrological energies and the environmental setting in which they operate. And keeping up to date with a changing national and international situation isn’t easy. And relying on the astrological model to reveal the whole story is expecting astrology to do something that it can’t. The environment at any point in time facilitates some events and negates others. It can move an event shown by a forecast model to a time that facilitates its occurrence. Bush fires – a Mars event – are more inclined to occur during hot summer months not during cold winter months. And violence is more likely to erupt in a known trouble spot. The availability of guns increases the risk of violence and some places are very dangerous and this increases the risk of danger. On the other hand some countries – due to current circumstance – have a reduced risk of violence and danger.

Astrological energies operate through people so events on the earth, except for those involving the weather and nature, are caused by human behavior. And because behavior is a variable that can be changed it does not permit precise prediction. The energy event, pictured in a chart, is not a sure thing simply because human behavior is not inevitable. Constructive, effective behavior has a fortunate potential and destructive, ineffective conduct has an unfortunate potential. So, scientific global astrology does not make precise predictions. It forecasts that a definite volume of planetary energy with a definite volume of harmony or discord is impacting the Earth during a specified time frame.

It’s very important to understand what a global astrology chart can and can’t do. It can predict a definite trend influencing the stock market during a definite time-frame, but it can’t predict the precise number of points the market will rise or fall each day. It can predict a destructive weather event – a storm or flood – but it can’t predict the precise amount of damage it will cause. The chart forecasts an astrological energy-event that will impact on and influence the mundane environment. The actual event that occurs – here on the Earth – will bear the characteristics of its astrological marker and the key to matching one with the other is a clear understanding of the planets, their characteristic influence and the mundane affairs they direct and influence.

To understand the practical aspects of global astrology – to know its practical influence on the here and now – does not require a thorough knowledge of its technicalities. The technician is a highly qualified specialist while the astrological research worker is an experienced practitioner. Primarily the research worker needs to know how the astrological environment operates and the influence of each planet on the global agenda.

Applying a quantitative and qualitative measurement to a forecast model assists the assessment process, but this assistance is general rather than specific. How do you measure discord? By the number of points the market falls; the number of unemployed people; or the number killed in a suicide bombing?

The astrodynes when applied to a global astrology chart give the planets and houses a quantitative measure and those with the most astrodyne power define the chart’s forecast. But in a cycle chart it’s the chart’s ruler and its house position that defines the forecast rather than their astrodyne power; and in a chart for an astrological event in the sky it’s the planets involved in the event and their house positions that define the forecast rather than their astrodyne power.

The harmodynes and discordynes when applied to a global astrology chart give the planets and houses a qualitative measure which defines their influence in the chart. On the Earth astrological harmony expresses as fortunate events, growth, beneficial conditions and success. And astrological discord expresses as adversity, unfortunate events, detrimental conditions, struggle and failure. And the global astrologer factors power, harmony and discord into the assessment procedure to get a clearer picture of a chart’s likely influence.

But what’s indicated in a forecast model should never be considered black and white. The functional influence of a planet, which influences the house in which it is located, is determined by the aspects it receives from the other planets. They give a planet’s characteristic influence a constructive or destructive mode of expression. And each aspect is modifying the functionality of the planetary energy.

Once upon a time kings, queens and military leaders took advice from their astrologers. The time to start a military offensive was always carefully selected and God was always acknowledged as a key participant in what eventuated, but not anymore. Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagan took astrological advice, but in the 21st-century Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors no longer require the services of an astrologer. And the global astrologer has been sidelined by economic, military and other experts who know nothing about the planets in the sky and the role they play in global affairs. You can watch the events described by a global cycle chart on your computer screen, smart phone or tablet and this puts you in the know. But making sense of what it means is another matter. Reading or listening to journalists or experts providing specialist commentary won’t help much. And with unlimited diversity of opinion two experts can see the same crisis differently and make their diametrically opposed opinions sound so plausible!

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