Saturn – a state of fear

Saturn is the planet of fear, insecurity and anxiety. He fears loss, poverty, disease and hardship. His primary objective is personal security and he takes action to protect himself, his land, natural resources and material possessions. He radiates a highly conservative thought-force – a narrow self-interest perspective that in most instances is unable to see that his own selfishness is what is wrong with the world.

Saturn is orthodox and conventional – precedence, established custom and history guide his behavior. He’s unable to originate, innovate or try something new. He follows tradition, takes a cautious approach, consumes and acquires and views material prosperity as the only way to attain freedom from fear and want. Saturn’s fear and insecurity drive the economic agenda. The voters fear loss, poverty, terror, disease, unemployment and death. Their governments fear reduced consumer spending, doom and gloom, public pessimism, falling markets, recession, natural disasters and anything that disturbs the economic applecart. Economic growth – the liberator of fear and poverty – is an imperative. To prevent these fears from developing into grim situations Saturn employs safety nets and security measures. He prepares for natural disasters and epidemics by developing disaster management programs.

The Saturn perception of life is orthodox, traditional and fearful. He plans carefully, is very efficient, hates waste and drives the conservative political agenda. But fear makes people irrational, dumb and short-sighted. It gives their perceptions and the way they interpret their sense impressions, a fearful bias. Uncertainty and the fear of poverty lock people, including politicians, scientists, spin-doctors and opinion-makers, into the Saturn way of life, yet his selfish rationalism is very limited in its capacity to make sense of what’s really going on.

Saturn represents the materialistic version of life. Material realities deny the existence of anything that’s not made of matter. He believes what his eyes see and degrades your life by claiming it’s a meaningless genetic experience. His thinking limits life’s possibilities. He’s unable to see that life contains infinite possibilities. To Saturn there’s only one possibility – material life made possible by a chance chemical event.

On the world stage Saturn rules recessions, depressions, work, workers, laborers, the mineral wealth under the ground, mines, mining, miners, the crops which grow from the soil, farms, farming, agriculture, the Department of Agriculture, conservationists, conservation movements, housing, housing shortages, old buildings, furniture and fixtures, raw materials, deceased estates, fines, penalties, the death penalty, hard-line politics, protectionism, tax exemptions, trade restrictions (with Jupiter), recycling, basic utilities, steel, lumber and coal, commodities, land, territories, the elderly, old age pensioners, panics and doom and gloom. In politics he’s conservative and in religion he’s an ultra-orthodox fundamentalist.

Saturn rules the natural environment, ecological disasters, the world’s climate, climate change, unusual weather patterns, extreme weather conditions, another destructive weather event – the heat wave, cold snap, storm, hurricane and cyclone, and natural disasters – the earthquake, flood and mudslide.

Saturn is the planet of security and protection. He introduces security measures to protect society from harmful forces. He protects business by placing tariffs upon goods, he protects workers by restricting immigration, he protects forests by restricting logging and he protects drivers by restricting speed. He rules measures to protect workers from those who can take their jobs and he places tariffs on goods to protect against the competition of cheap labor. To protect himself Saturn buys a gun, wears a bullet proof vest, practices safe sex, hires a security guard, and insures everything. He often finds himself in a position of responsibility and is noted for his caution and safe pair of hands.

The Saturn effect is to cause loss, hardship and suffering. He’s the storm that causes property loss, the flood that ruins crops, the disease that causes loss in public health, the earthquake that devastates lives, the economic slowdown that results in unemployment and the business recession that results in a loss in profits. He causes people to become selfish, greedy, frightened, terrified, overcautious, gloomy, mean-spirited, crafty, cunning, secretive, pessimistic, hard, unfeeling and cold as ice. He causes the economy to contract, governments to introduce austerity programs, unemployment to rise and stock prices to fall. And he easily suffers from a loss of confidence.

Saturn is the planet of greed, money grabbing culture and self-interest and he’s always after the best deal he can get. He’s humanity’s worst case scenario – the cosmic bad-guy who fears everything – and in the school of life he provides lessons in loss, grief, despair and misery. He’s always singing the blues.

So take a look around at the poverty, unemployment, disease, homelessness and food shortages. The hardship and suffering are everywhere. The destitute, unemployed and homeless suffer. The flood and earthquake victims suffer. And the world suffers compassion fatigue.

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