Neptune – that vision thing

Neptune’s discovery in 1846 was shrouded in confusion – a perfect beginning for the planet whose confused mixed-messages are very often beyond comprehension. If the hocus-pocus being peddled by the spin-doctors and opinion makers has you feeling perplexed, dazed and dizzy – that’s Neptune: The Lord of Illusion. His capacity to misinterpret data and fabricate misleading perceptions is spectacular. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to know what’s really going on. Neptune blurs the facts, magnifies trifles, exaggerates the expectations, inflates the hopes, overstates the numbers, beats about the bush and avoids the real issue. He has great difficulty in seeing and facing reality.

Neptune’s a mirage. Things are not quite what they seem to be. He’s a trickster, imposter, con-man, charlatan, swindler, sham and masquerade – the cosmic patron of fraud and your partner in the dance of deception. He can fake anything. He deals in deceit, dishonesty, non-existent bogey men, graft, blackmail, insider trading, bribery, kickbacks and hush money. When found out he lies, covers up, mixes the messages, confuses the issue, goes into denial or becomes so vague he can’t remember. Neptune fantasizes and hallucinates about easy money – his desire to get something (money) for nothing (no work) weaves fantastic images of financial bliss. He represents escape culture. And your impulse to escape from Saturn’s misery, hardship and poverty into a utopian paradise of ease, comfort, luxury, fabulous wealth and no work is the grandest illusion of all.

The Neptune effect is seen in utopian ideals and grand schemes. He’s driven by an idealistic search for blissful endings. His grand vision is not selfish – it’s progressive and ultra-new and extends to all sections of society. In fact his yearning for a world where everyone benefits equally gave birth to socialism – the political philosophy that believes there is no need for social inequalities and that existing inequalities are due to capitalism and its commercial competitiveness and profit-driven agenda. Neptune’s idealistic liberal thinking favours the masses, but he does engage in impractical Hollywood thinking and foggy notions where the utopian enterprise, visionary legislation or political plan promises a marvellous panacea, but it’s all a pipe dream. At election time his visionary promises attempt to win your vote, but they’re usually broken later on.

Neptune is the astro-marker for oil and gas – the energies that drive the world. The wealthy developed countries are gas-guzzlers and their economic growth and high living standards depend on liquid gold. Neptune is the planet of inflation – an economic bogey man. Inflation means rising prices and when prices rise you can’t buy as much and your living standards start to fall. Neptune is the planet of drugs – the pain-killers, magic pills and chemical cocktails that promise a quick fix from the mental and physical pain. It’s so easy to get hooked. And now he’s promised you smart drugs that will defy father time. Katherine Hepburn as Violet Venerable in Suddenly Last Summer (1959) described Neptune perfectly when she commented: ‘Isn’t it nice of the drug store to keep us alive.’

Neptune is the planet of aviation and other flights of fancy. He rules fantasy culture, dramatic art, films and movie stars. He’s a great actor, but the glitz, glamour, razzle-dazzle and computer generated special effects usually camouflage a lack of real talent and the inflated pay packet and prize money exaggerate the true value of the social usefulness.

Neptune rules the aviation industry, air travel, the film industry, the imagination industry, dramatic art, photography, the pharmaceutical industry, drug culture, world wide schemes of a humanitarian nature, schemes for social betterment, idealistic plans to help those in distress, pledges of international aid, mystical studies, psychic research, and psychic talent. He’s the planet of fraud, illegal money transfers, counterfeiting and forgery. He engages in the misuse of personal ID documents, the misuse of client’s funds, non-violent financial abuse and internet fraud.

Neptune believes in magic. He’s your fantasy identity, an altered state of consciousness, a reality jam-up, a fantasy thought and the illusion that your consciousness is chemically produced. He’s a quick-fix anti-depressant superstar, the lying game and a white-collar criminal – the principal crime of the 21st-century. Neptune is the genius planet. He’s the master magician, whiz-kid, great pretender, master of deceit and weaver of tangled webs. He’s the astro-marker for fiction writers, musicians, actors, shareholders, photographers, embezzlers, magicians, fishermen, hobos, vagabonds, fortune-tellers and the paparazzi.

Neptune stands for utopianism, visionary schemes, Shangri-la, Nirvana, cloud nine, oil, petroleum, petroleum products, natural gas, illegal and legal drugs, drug addictions, chemicals, pesticides, poisons, food poisoning, the aviation industry, movies, the film industry, Hollywood thinking, fraud, swindles, graft, match-fixing, get rich quick schemes, plots, the easy option, stock companies, inflation, chaos, confusion, uncertainty, chaos theory, extrasensory perception and other extraordinary mind powers, spies, spying, espionage, refugees, asylum seekers, slaves, slavery, involuntary servitude and pornography. He’s the planet of profit sharing, non-violent (financial) crime, brotherly love, spiritual aspiration and mystical things.

Neptune has a talent for wishful thinking. He’s always chasing rainbows. He believes in dreams and fairy tale endings, but the road to his grand utopia has an uncertain destination. It’s shrouded in fog and paved with false perceptions, emotional delusions and trickery. It’s a boulevard of shattered dreams and broken promises. Neptune dreamed up the idea of flying and the abolition of human slavery in America was a utopian Neptune scheme, yet his promise of a brotherhood of man, a classless society and boom times is easily anaesthetised by inertia, apathy and laziness.

And Neptune is acting all the time. You live in an age where most people spend too much time detached from reality. The Neptune effect is to cause confusion and chaos – to get things so muddled and tangled that it’s impossible to know what’s going on. It’s a dangerous situation as evil minds lurk in the shadows and prey on the unsuspecting. Vigilance is nullified as detachment from reality leads to folly and your most dangerous enemy is Lower-Pluto. Yet with all the deception, intrigue, confusion and fantasy expectation humanity travels towards a grand ideal – its vague unknown utopian destiny.

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