Mercury and Venus – talks, controversies, love and fun

In global astrology Mercury is the planet of talks, conversations, discussions and debates. The rhetoric never stops.

The Mercury effect is to say and do things that stir up controversy. His influence results in reports being released and documents signed. He rules phone calls, journalists, newspapers, literary work, writers, education in general, teachers, communication in general, the postal and telephone services, transportation and drivers in general. He favors news about literary work, education and travel. He’s the schooling and education that paves the way for a better world. Mercury rules the scientific community. And he’s feeling- neutral so the latest sensory app won’t detect any emotion.

Mercury is the media who reports, analyses, speculates, assesses, comments on and distorts the news. He’s the commentator who thrives on controversy. Mercury is the reporter and messenger who keeps the public informed and his capacity to influence community thinking is all powerful.

When expressing harmoniously Mercury favors sound judgments and constructive talks. Harmony keeps the lines of communication open. When dysfunctional Mercury misinforms, misreports and misrepresents the facts. Discord causes a breakdown in the talks. And when Mercury’s discordant he easily gets tongue-tied.

There is no cycle chart for Mercury.


In global astrology Venus is the planet of women, social events, beauty, beautiful people, beautiful things, the social set, the arts and peace moves.

The Venus effect is to place women in positions of power and influence. She rules women’s issues, art, art shows, fashion, beautiful clothes, cosmetics, perfume, beauty contests, jewelry, confectionery, social fun and dolls. With Mercury she engages in peace talks and peace studies where children are taught to resolve conflicts peacefully.

When expressing harmoniously Venus is elegant, charming, graceful and refined but when she’s dysfunctional she’s easily led and can trade her elegance and allure in for cigarettes, alcohol and foul language.

Venus is that old devil called love, and love according to Mercury’s learned scientists is a simple chemical sensation. Or as Greta Garbo in Ninotchka (1939) explained: ‘Love is a romantic designation for a most ordinary biological process. A lot of nonsense is talked and written about it.’ Anyway, ignoring the biological explanation, cuddles, romance, love- dancing, sweet nothings, affection and kissing are Venus just doing her thing.

There is no cycle chart for Venus.

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