Mars – the hate and violence disease

Mars is the planet of hate and violence and they’re highly contagious diseases that infect many people and countries. And due to antagonisms caused by globalization, nationalism, self-interest opposing the common good, cultural bullying, racial hatred, religious intolerance, dictatorial corporations, corrupt governments and financial inequalities the current global environment is ripe for violence. Many highly developed, so called civilized countries, are infected with this hate and violence disease and you can have your eyes and ears assaulted by it every night on your television screen.

Every human soul possesses a weapon of mass destruction. It’s called the aggressive urge and in the 21st-century hate, anger, harshness and brutality are deadly weapons. Social progress takes place through strife and conflict and the strife events are reported in blood.  Some people fight disease, some fight poverty, but the guy with a gun gets all the publicity. Hairy-chested, stone-age aggression is socially admired. It’s tough, strong and hard and in a dangerous environment a trigger-happy aggressive urge is intent on shooting first.

The astral broadcast coming from Mars is angry, hot, fired-up, impulsive and thoughtless. He’s the planet of aggression and he’s energetic, forceful, provocative, belligerent, antagonistic, bellicose and openly hostile. He causes strife, violence and accidents. His outstanding characteristic is strife and his capacity to stir up conflict, dissension, fights, rows, disputes and arguments is legendary. He can always provide a good reason to have an argument and he sees the solution in terms of aggressive force. When the strife gets out of control hostilities erupt and Mars is the planet of war, armed conflict and brawls.

Mars is not sensitive, peaceful, frightened, conciliatory, considerate or patient. He’s insensitive, selfish, inconsiderate, antagonistic, fearless and impatient. His worst behaviors are harshness and brutality. He is merciless, unfeeling, crude, coarse and inhumane. He has no remorse, never forgives and bears grudges. His best behaviors are initiative, enterprise and creative power. He’s assertive, daring, brave and bold and he’s always winning bravery awards. He’s got a warrior mentality. In the jungle he employs brute strength, size and speed, but in human life he relies more on guns, bombs, missiles and land mines.

Mars is the planet of military activity, troop movements, military coups, martial law, massacres, rampages and vandalism. He rules military personnel, policemen, sheriffs and all law enforcement officers. He rules surgeons, industrial workers, firemen, hunters, pirates, bandits, robbers and thieves. He rules the manufacturing sector, mechanics and the liquor, gambling and sex industries. In business he prefers private ownership as a way of promoting competition. Mars rules gambling, gamblers, alcohol culture, alcohol-fueled living, alcohol-fueled violence, sex-workers, butchers, meat, gym culture, physical exercise, competitive sport, athletes, protein, testosterone, steroids, muscles and muscular strength.

The Mars effect is seen in strife and conflict. Disputes are common. Different philosophies, ideologies and beliefs stir up dissension and hostility. People fight for their political, economic and religious beliefs and your beliefs are worth fighting for. There are minor disputes and feuds that last for years. In a conflict situation both combatants are fired up, aggressive and ready to apply, and retaliate with, force. They’re both intent on winning and they’re both insensitive to the loser’s misfortune. The strife agenda has the perpetrators of violence clashing head-on with those enforced to maintain law and order. The grievance usually has a solution that is far more complex than the aggressive Mars option. Yet it’s the one that is very often chosen. In extreme circumstances the conflict escalates into war and in a war situation the combatants with the latest smart weapons have the upper hand.

And the ‘I win-you lose’ competitive impulse that drives the political and economic agendas is a sure recipe for resentment and failure. The loser wants revenge and pay-back but when s/he chooses to fight back the winner cries foul. Both combatants are courageous, thoughtless, obedient and short-sighted. Mars today is just as dumb as ever. He acts on impulse, is guided by precedent, plays follow-the-leader, does as he’s told and obeys orders. His impatience wants a quick victory – instant gratification – but he’s got a hopeless sense of consequence so things rarely go as he expects.

The world is a hazardous place, but some places are more hazardous than others. People live in harm’s way. A hazard is some event or object that is a potential source of harm to human life, health, income or possessions. Fires, diseases, epidemics, cars, guns, bombs and toxic gases are hazards. War is a hazard. A suicide bomber is a hazard. Terror is a hazard to human welfare. Some countries may present a hazard to economic growth, higher profits, peace and security. You have your own opinion about this world and its hazardous places and people.

The media loves disasters. A disaster is a calamity that befalls some person as a result of a hazardous event and disasters affect between 250 and 300 million people per year. The collapse of a building or bridge is a disaster. Disaster journalism loves war. It’s exciting and antidotes the dull monotony of daily life. The media loves reporting new disasters. Today’s is quickly replaced by tomorrows, but the suffering goes on long after the television news crews have packed up and left. It takes a long time to recover from a disaster. A life-time of watching disasters on the television can result in disaster fatigue and it’s easy to become insensitive to the misfortune and suffering of others.

In the 21st-century Mars is a gun person and some countries endorse a mad festival of shooting. The latest mass shooting leads the 24 hour news cycle, but the important issue is gun control and social violence. And there are important personal issues like: is your soul being desensitized by the constant reporting of death, killing, harshness and brutality? Mars is excitement and sensation driven. He gets the adrenalin pumping, but when the adrenalin flows your brain flies out your ear and your reasoning skills fly out with it.

Mars rules the manufacturing sector and all forms of industrial activity and progress is typical of Mars. He’s the manufacturer who manufactures weapons, guns, clothes, shoes and everything else that’s used by human beings. Mars and Uranus are manufacturing the latest technology faster than a speeding bullet. Things like cars, television sets, computers and smart phones. Mars is the planet of mechanics and he rules industrial workers and industrial accidents. Some say they built this city on rock and roll but others know it was built by Mars energy.

Mars is the planet of sex and the sex industry. And social attitudes towards sex have changed rapidly since Mars became the world’s most popular source of pleasure – and pain.  Mars in his eternal search for 10 seconds of pleasure has created a booming sex industry. But sexually transmitted diseases are a major health problem. And there’s the brutal world of the skin trade where women, men and children sell their bodies just to survive.

Mars rules alcohol, the alcohol industry, intoxicants and drunkenness. And there’s alcohol fuelled courage, sex and violence. Mars and Neptune mark for alcohol addiction. Getting drunk is a matter of consuming enough alcohol to temporarily disable certain parts of the brain which results in slurred speech, a staggering gait, blurred vision and slowed reaction times. Getting drunk is a favorite pastime of many civilized societies. And alcohol, as a destroyer of civilized inhibitions and self-control, releases the beast within.

Mars is the planet of accidents and if you believe the biologist life is an accident and if you believe the astronomer the universe is an accident. Mars directly influences accidents by his rash and impulsive nature. He has this need to speed. And while Saturn makes cars safer there’s always a human being behind the wheel who’s doing the driving.

In the age of physical exercise, body sculpturing, sport and athleticism the physical injuries, torn muscles and steroids are ruled by Mars. Testosterone is the Mars hormone. Regular exercise is a good thing, but athletes who train hard seem to be unusually prone to illness. It appears that a fit person is not necessarily a healthy one. And while exercise may have a beneficial influence on heart disease, blood pressure and longevity it does not appear to help the immune system fight off infection.

So the signs are that Mars – the greatest soldier of them all – is very angry and full of rage. He’s feeling militant, aggressive, harsh, vicious, energetic and combative. And his aggression is hard to manage. As the cosmic warlord he’s inciting international strife – wars and disputes between countries; national strife – internal disputes between opposing factions; and domestic strife – violence in the home. Personal rights must be fought for and the enemies of the new civilization must be exterminated. Mars has an addiction to violence-fueled living and every night you can watch the murders, assaults, robberies, shootings, stabbings, bombings and explosions being reported on the 6 o’clock news. If it bleeds it leads. His energy, initiative, enterprise and resilience build a better world, but his hate, brute-force, anger and cruelty does a lot of damage. Mars marks for a day of violence and there’s no sign that he’s suffering from hate and violence fatigue. And you might think that after reading this that Mars is a disaster and his out-of-control aggression is.

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