Jupiter – money, money, money

Jupiter transmits an astral energy that is optimistic, cheerful, generous and benevolent. He radiates generous warmth – a tolerant and jovial optimism. From an ethics perspective Jupiter displays characteristics that are moral and virtuous. He represents goodness and honesty. He encourages Mars to forgive his enemies; he wants Uranus to show tolerance and respect difference, and he wants Saturn to stop hoarding the wealth. Jupiter wants all God’s children to share in the Aquarian Age financial bonanza.

But Jupiter culture in the 21st-century is a no holds barred dash for cash. The top executives want their bonuses and the shareholders want their dividends. It’s a grab as much as you can for yourself society and Jupiter’s there measuring his self-worth with money and material possessions. Money is good – financial abundance is better. Wealth buys favors. It’s the only protection against poverty, scarcity, insecurity and hardship. But an unregulated desire for more, operating in a winner takes all society, breeds corruption and fraud. Since 1980 ethical standards have plummeted. There’s a breakdown in religious values, an erosion of decency and an age of moral chaos. And with God deleted to the recycle bin there’s no guiding light. Blinded by greed, fear and insecurity Jupiter’s banks and financial institutions have chosen a godless philosophy where money is the only goodness.

The outstanding characteristic of Jupiter on everything he contacts is expansion. He expands the economy, produces goods, creates demand, creates jobs and creates wealth. Jupiter stands for growth. He thinks things ought to be bigger and bigger banks, bigger profits, bigger television screens and bigger waistlines are a sure sign of prosperity. But cyclic periods of expansion and prosperity give way to periods of contraction and austerity. Jupiter rules the prosperous good times and Saturn rules the austere bad times. Jupiter’s hope causes share markets to rise and Saturn’s fear causes them to fall. Human thought is always the precursor behavior.

Jupiter is the planet of plenty and abundance. He’s the prosperous business, the generous gift giver and the cheerful, jocular salesman. He’s the planet of capitalism, the profit motive and higher prices. Jupiter oversees the world’s banking and financial systems. He rules banks, financial markets, currency values, money, wealth distribution, commerce, trade, trade agreements and contracts. He’s created a world of trade blocs – the European Union, NAFTA and APEC. And he sees government intervention as bad and deregulation as good. It allows him to make more money.

The Jupiter effect is felt in the justice system. He rules laws, the law-makers, legal matters, courts, the World Court, Supreme Court, judicial matters, the world’s justice systems, judges, juries and conflict resolution by arbitration. Some would argue that there’s not a lot of justice around. There are more corporate criminals than murderers and the tax cheats and corrupt businessmen easily escape punishment. Jupiter taught some businessmen that if they owe the bank $1 million dollars they’re in trouble; but if they owe the bank $100 million the bank’s in trouble. And an epidemic of crime has placed the justice system under severe stress.

There are incredible financial inequalities between Jupiter’s haves and Saturn’s have nots. And Jupiter has the job of managing a morally adequate adjustment to the new Aquarian Age technological society. The financial calamity that afflicted the world in 2007 has on-going repercussions that tell a sorry story. The 64 million people around the globe who were forced into poverty by the GFC live on $1.25 per day. And no one is safe as Jupiter fuels the cash-grab by proclaiming that wealth and a large income are the best recipes for happiness – he’s such a shallow thinker. But how can political and other leaders – through political legislation – stop the wealth accumulation of the rich and encourage a fairer and more even distribution of the national and international wealth?

Jupiter is the planet of religion. He assists others, does favors and quickly forgives when others do him wrong. He’s the planet of mercy. He rules the world’s orthodox religions, their leaders and their clergy. But the priests and nuns have been behaving badly. Jupiter expresses himself as tolerance, good-will, benevolence, charity and faith. His tolerance is needed when dealing with difference. His good-will is needed to off-set suspicion and distrust. His faith is needed when rational thought runs out of ideas and hits a dead-end. And his benevolence and charity are needed to respond to a cry for help. After Saturn’s natural calamity Jupiter’s money comes to the rescue. He’s the Good Samaritan who’s ready to lend a helping hand. He finances the rescue mission and the solution to the problem.

Jupiter rules ships, shipping, philosophy, teachers, books, publishing, advertising, the public expression of opinions, lecturing and preaching.

Of all the planets Jupiter is considered the least intelligent. He runs on hope and chance. He measures success in terms of wealth, prefers to take advice and he’s prepared to pay big money to get it. And a dysfunctional Jupiter is extravagant, self-indulgent and conceited. The conceited race biologist claims that superior genes intelligently drift to the top of the gene pool and that wealth is a sure sign of genetic superiority. The theory is that the highest form of human intelligence expresses itself as the capacity to make money. Meanwhile back in the real world benevolence fatigue has resulted in both rich and poor countries closing their doors on the refugees and asylum seekers. And Jupiter rules benevolence.

There’s a lot wrong with the world today but thanks to Jupiter hope springs eternal, and with a little bit of faith and trust Jupiter’s lost goodness can be regained. The gospel according to science needs to recognize that God is good. Our Piscean Age religions need to learn to march to the beat of the altruistic Aquarian Age drum. The ruthless businessman, who’s prepared to break all the rules in his pursuit of money, profits and wealth, needs to learn to play fair and square. And a dysfunctional financial urge needs to learn that your position on the status ladder is not measured by your pay-grade. We all need to learn that simple abundance is enough.

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