Higher and Lower-Pluto – a world divided

The thoughts, feelings and impulses that reside in the human mind have the same frequencies as their astrological correlates. They instigate behavior and there’s great diversity. Some behavior is high-principled and exceedingly noble and some is base, vile and despicable. The humanitarian worker and terrorist exist side by side. And the astrological source of these extremes – the angel and devil – is Pluto. His extreme nature displays itself as the very best and very worst in human behavior, and the two extremes are identified as Higher-Pluto and Lower-Pluto.

Pluto is either strongly right and constructive or strongly wrong and destructive and he’s never milk and water. He motivates the social worker to alleviate suffering and he motivates the terrorist to kill and terrorize. And in the 21st-century Pluto’s influence on the international and national agenda is all pervasive. He’s taken the lead role on the world stage and he’s got the top spot on the news queue.

Pluto’s influence can be observed in events involving cooperation, coercion, compulsory participation, drastic action, division, disunity, mass production, television, radio, universal welfare, spirituality, the common good and groups. He’s the planet of propaganda, persuasion, factions and lobbyists. And his influence is local, national and international. Pluto placed satellites in the sky and built the World Wide Web, but an information superhighway has always existed there. And his computers allow you to receive and send e-mail, campaign, advocate, speak out and go shopping.

Pluto is the planet of globalization and Higher-Pluto attains his ends through global unity. He rules the higher good that must be done. He’s the spirit of reconciliation – the urge to merge. He’s the peace-makers. Higher-Pluto is the better angel whose altruistic, spiritual nature is proactively devoted to human welfare, spiritual effort and ceaseless cooperation in the progressive advancement of God’s Great Plan. He unites people into groups that work for human welfare. He’s the planet of collaboration, teamwork, consensus, activist peacekeeping and action packed sympathy. He recognizes the benefits of cooperation. And he has a simple message: integrate or disintegrate.

The Pluto effect is most obvious in groups that are formed to accomplish some purpose. This can be either beneficial to society or opposed to society’s welfare. The United Nations, The British Commonwealth, The European Union, the Mafia, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, environmental groups, human-welfare groups, singing groups, baseball teams, criminal gangs, Hell’s Angel’s and crime syndicates are all ruled by Pluto. And the ability of the group to stay united is directly influenced by the ability of its individual members to cooperate.

Pluto accomplishes his work through groups of people – commissions, bureaus and committees – and has little regard for the common people. He prefers specialists and gives them the responsibility of working out what is the best action and what should be done. He gives dictatorial power to a person or a small group and holds them responsible for the results. Pluto when dealing with the common people always dictates and compels and when a country’s leader enforces a new regulation that’s Pluto doing his thing.

But when a group is formed Pluto can split it into rival factions. He even split the atom. And next to group activity, division and disunity are Pluto’s most characteristic influence and there are a number of great divides. Politically there’s democracy and dictatorial authority and the divide between the rich and poor. Under the compelling cover of democracy Lower-Pluto has cancelled the public’s ticket to the prosperity party. There’s a culture of discontentment brewing amongst the unemployed and have-nots. And while Lower-Pluto creates a rich-poor divide its Uranus and the Aquarian Age chart that will time the consequences.

Straight from the depths of hell comes the most barbaric thought-force in the universe – Lower-Pluto. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, an evil mind behind the charming smile and he’s the reason why you’re living on a very dangerous planet. He sources evil impulses, has no regard for human welfare and is morally bankrupt. His evil nature proactively works through misguided souls who are devoted to crime, corruption, terror, false Gods, atheism, the soul-annihilating dogmas of materialism and the thwarting of everything that is true and progressive.

At the moment planet Earth is great place to be a criminal and Lower-Pluto is a very talented crook. He’s the godfather of crime, criminals, criminal gangs, organized crime networks, gangsters, racketeers, corruption and extortion. He’s depraved, vicious, brutal, ferocious, remorseless, sinister and pitiless. He’s a murderous thug. There are hundreds of murders per day worldwide. Lower-Pluto is the terrorist group who employs ambushes, bombs, car-bombs and fanatical suicide bombers to kill, maim and create an atmosphere of fear and terror. The term ‘terrorist’ describes organizations whose principal method of warfare is terroristic. They’re scattered throughout the world and the Taliban, Al-Qaida and Al-Shabaab receive the most media attention. The counter-terrorism police and other Higher-Pluto forces fight terror and organized crime.

Lower-Pluto has his fingerprints all over the vilest crimes. He has an obsession with death, dying and killing. He’s the planet of mass murder, brutal atrocities, gruesome crimes, suicide bombings, torture, water-boarding, kidnappings, hostage taking, mob violence, gang rape and sexual harassment. And he’s very subtle and very secretive. He engages in coercion, threats, boycotts, sanctions, harassment, stalking, badgering and pressure tactics. And in a pressure situation he keeps piling on the pressure.

Pluto is the planet of propaganda and persuasion and he relies on the mass media – television, radio and internet – to deliver his worldview to you. The word propaganda has evolved into the subtle practice of communicating a point of view with the ultimate goal of getting you to voluntarily accept it as if it were your own. And Pluto, through radio and television employs media barons, shock jocks and opinion makers to influence and manipulate your thinking. They’re globalizing hate, greed, terrorism and fear and overseeing an erosion of decency and decent standards in public behavior. Lower-Pluto is the master manipulator. He brings the world into your living room and serves up a smorgasbord of Lower-Pluto behaviors.

Lower-Pluto rules the corporation and it’s got more power than the government. His non-elected corporate executives are running the world. They’re making the rules to suit themselves and they’re delirious with power. Corporate dictators have the political and economic power to control the world’s agenda. Corporate criminals are directing the world’s economic development. Pluto favors monopoly ownership as a way of getting everything for himself. Pluto rules nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

Lower-Pluto’s henchmen – the greed and selfishness brigade – are the enemies of humanity. They’re the enemies of enlightenment, freedom and progress. Lower-Pluto simply gets his cohorts into positions where they can do the most damage. Lower Pluto is a fan of dictators, terrorist governments, atheistic regimes and corrupt political practices. The Lower-Pluto counties where human-rights are a bottom of the list issue include China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

There are over 60 countries ruled by dictators who exercise arbitrary authority over their citizens and who cannot be removed from power through legal means. And in some countries the military plays the role of dictator. These tyrants suppress freedom of speech and religion and the right to a fair trial. Some commit torture and execute political opponents. Dictator countries include: Burma, Chechnya, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Cameroon, Chad, China, Congo, Ethiopia, Fiji, Guinea, Iran, Laos, North Korea, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe. The Arab Spring saw dictators tumble in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. The really bad dictator guys include: Omar al-Bashir in Sudan; Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe; Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan; and Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Lower-Pluto rules and engages in the insidious practice of inversion – the subtle use of misinformation and the deliberate distortion or suppression of facts. It’s frequently employed by politicians, scientists and religious leaders to deliberately mislead, deceive and confuse. Information is distorted to create a public opinion favorable to some group or favorable to its purpose. When the critical faculties are dumbed-down you’re unable to identify the lies and subtle inversions being spread. Lower-Pluto is intent on spiritual darkness and ignorance. He’s happy for humanity to descend into an ignorance spiral – with too much misinformation, too few facts and too little comprehension. Inversion is probably the single greatest menace to human progress.

So Lower-Pluto is the big nightmare. He’s the planet of division, international disunity, nuclear weapons and drastic developments. He’s divided the world. He’s the planet of international obsessions like gambling and drug abuse. He’s actively engaged in cyber-crime and hacking. His coercion, threats and manipulative behavior are frequently observed in many human relationships. He’s the bully in the playground and the cyber-bully on the internet. And he’s a spiritual terrorist – the virus that’s infecting spirituality.

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