Aspects in the sky

At times that can be predetermined the planets in the sky form angular relationships that have an easily identifiable influence on global affairs – as above so below. These aspects are astrological events and a chart constructed for an aspect’s tipping point – the precise time it is at its peak influence – is a forecast model of what’s likely to eventuate. The chart for a particular country is located for its capital city or administrative center.

Hermetic astrology only considers aspects formed by Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. As they travel through the zodiac they form angular relationships with each other and for a specified time these astrological events in the sky have an influence on global affairs.

The planets forming the aspect, by their house positions in the chart, specify the life-matters and affairs being influenced by the energy event in the sky. And the functionality of the energy – its harmony or discord – is determined by the aspect. There are ten aspects used in Hermetic Astrology but only 4 are considered when observing and assessing astrological events in the sky. They are the conjunction, opposition, square and trine.

Two planets form a conjunction aspect when they are in the same degree of the zodiac. This is the most powerful aspect and the event that occurs on the Earth is easy to identify as it bears the characteristics of both the planets and influences the affairs of the house in which they’re located in a particular country’s chart.

Two planets form an opposition aspect when they are 180º apart in the zodiac. This is a very powerful, but high-discord aspect. Its influence is to tear things apart and cause problems and difficulties.

Two planets form a square aspect when they are 90º apart in the zodiac. This is a powerful and very destructive high-discord aspect. Its influence is to cause obstacles and barriers and an extremely violent response.

Two planets form a trine aspect when they are 120º apart in the zodiac. This is a powerful and high-harmony aspect. Its influence is to cause fortunate events and conditions and there’s usually an element of luck influencing the proceedings.

The harmony or discord of these astrological events can be measured but converting the numbers into real life events is impossible. Astrology can foresee a destructive weather event but it can’t predict precisely where it will hit or the level of destruction. But astrology is very good at timing events. Aspects in the sky have an orb of influence and it’s easy to determine their time-frame and tipping point. And it’s easy to identify the event on the Earth they code for.

Very often two planets in the sky exert an influence over a very long time. And when the influence is subtle and discordant there’s a danger of complacency and indifference developing. Discord requires eternal vigilance.

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