1. Scientific global astrology

    Global astrology is the scientific study of astrological charts that influence global events and developments. It’s primarily an observational science. The charts – as forecast models – describe and explain what’s going on here on Earth. Events move along the … Continued

  2. Data Fundamentals – zodiac signs, aspects and houses

    The zodiac signs in global astrology have a general influence over specific sectors of the global agenda: Aries influences manufacturing and military affairs Taurus influences financial systems, banks and money matters Gemini influences communications, transportation, postal services and print media … Continued

  3. The Age of Aquarius

    There’s a cycle in astronomy and astrology known as the precessional cycle or the precession of the equinoxes. It’s also called the Great or Platonic Year and it’s the largest cycle considered in Hermetic astrology. Understanding its technicalities and measurement … Continued

  4. The Pluto period and the age of horrible events

    So Aquarius is providing the pathway along which humanity’s political, cultural, religious and economic trends are now traveling. But there’s a lot of un-Aquarian bad stuff going on and this can be traced to Pluto and the Pluto period. The … Continued

  5. Aspects in the sky

    At times that can be predetermined the planets in the sky form angular relationships that have an easily identifiable influence on global affairs – as above so below. These aspects are astrological events and a chart constructed for an aspect’s … Continued

  6. Global cycle charts

    In the absence of accurate birthcharts for countries Hermetic astrology employs global cycle charts. As forecast models they guide the proceedings here on Earth and each of these global cycle charts is a global event forecaster. Hermetic astrology uses 8 … Continued

  7. Higher and Lower-Pluto – a world divided

    The thoughts, feelings and impulses that reside in the human mind have the same frequencies as their astrological correlates. They instigate behavior and there’s great diversity. Some behavior is high-principled and exceedingly noble and some is base, vile and despicable. The … Continued

  8. Neptune – that vision thing

    Neptune’s discovery in 1846 was shrouded in confusion – a perfect beginning for the planet whose confused mixed-messages are very often beyond comprehension. If the hocus-pocus being peddled by the spin-doctors and opinion makers has you feeling perplexed, dazed and … Continued

  9. Uranus – radical change, extremism and technology

    You probably assume that the future will closely resemble the present, but what you didn’t count on was Uranus – the planet of radical change. Uranus is no ordinary planet. He’s an extremist with a rebellious attitude – a highly … Continued

  10. Saturn – a state of fear

    Saturn is the planet of fear, insecurity and anxiety. He fears loss, poverty, disease and hardship. His primary objective is personal security and he takes action to protect himself, his land, natural resources and material possessions. He radiates a highly … Continued

  11. Jupiter – money, money, money

    Jupiter transmits an astral energy that is optimistic, cheerful, generous and benevolent. He radiates generous warmth – a tolerant and jovial optimism. From an ethics perspective Jupiter displays characteristics that are moral and virtuous. He represents goodness and honesty. He … Continued

  12. Mars – the hate and violence disease

    Mars is the planet of hate and violence and they’re highly contagious diseases that infect many people and countries. And due to antagonisms caused by globalization, nationalism, self-interest opposing the common good, cultural bullying, racial hatred, religious intolerance, dictatorial corporations, … Continued

  13. Mercury and Venus – talks, controversies, love and fun

    In global astrology Mercury is the planet of talks, conversations, discussions and debates. The rhetoric never stops. The Mercury effect is to say and do things that stir up controversy. His influence results in reports being released and documents signed. … Continued

  14. Sun and Moon – the politicians and their constituents

    The Sun is the planet of politics, governance, the ruling authority and those with position and power. He rules world leaders – the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, Premiers and governors. He even rules Kings and Queens although most these days … Continued