The new astrology for Aquarius

Hermes Trismegistus was the source of awe inspiring knowledge. He gave it to humanity to light its way. He provided a key to great mysteries and in the Age of Aquarius this key could be united with reason and diligent inquiry. And astrology as science was born in the first half of the 20th-century.

During the Age of Pisces there were basic astrological principles that explained behavior and a lot of fantastic rules that were employed to predict events. There was no understanding of the mechanisms that explained how human behavior could be influenced by a planet in the sky and no attempt was made to create and develop a science of astrology. So, at the start of Aquarius, a new-breed of scientific astrologer had to emerge to establish a science of astrology.

Science is the evidence provided by observation, measurement and statistical analysis and the scientific Aquarian Age astrologer had to employ the scientific method to determine what was relevant and applicable to astrology. Astrology could not remain a belief system, art or craft. It had to become a science providing people with information on how best to live their lives. Its beliefs and theories had to be tested and, if necessary, discarded and eliminated. Astrological markers had to be matched with their psychological equivalents and the best and worst qualities of each marker had to be identified. The astrological principles explaining fortune and misfortune had to be determined and new data had to be sorted and classified. Aquarian Age astrology had to be based on demonstrated facts; and deductions based on incorrect facts had to be changed to conform to the newly discovered facts. In their search for astrological data the astrologers had to employ statistical analysis – the most effective way of proving or disproving theories. And their research findings had to be presented as data checks that allowed other astrologers to test the data and draw their own conclusions.

Your astrology code is all about you. It details all the self-information that you need to know, so the development of a scientific method of interpreting the code required evidence-based facts. And between 1924 and 1954 the code was subjected to rigorous scientific testing. New theories were developed and thousands of birthcharts were investigated using statistical analysis and other scientific methods. Major life events were matched with their astrological markers. In 1946 the development of the astrodynes permitted the measurement of astral-force. The number values given each planet, aspect, sign and house measure the power and functionality of the astrology code pictured in any birthchart. They’re the result of the application of mathematics to the mathematical structure that is your birthchart.

Science is just a meticulous way of finding out about things. It provides knowledge and the idea that you can control things over which you don’t seem to have any control. And with more knowledge you can exert more control over your life and the vagaries of fate. The thrust of science is to provide you with enough information that you can take control of your own destiny. And the new astrology – the Astrology for Aquarius – provides you with self-knowledge, self-understanding, a self-development agenda and personal control. Its knowledge-base of scientifically determined astrological facts is presented as a self-science in The Hermetic System of Astrology.

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