• Standard Astrology

    The fortune teller deals exclusively in results, and presents them as inevitable. Standard Astrology on the other hand, while it considers the probabilities of certain results, is primarily interested in the energies which are the cause of results, whatever they … Continued

  • The primary theories of astrology

    The rules of astrology are natural laws and if applied properly are free from guesswork and speculation. They are based on thousands of years of observation. The central idea is that the pattern of a person’s life – their character … Continued

  • Prediction in astrology

    The prediction of the exact time and nature of an event is a matter far beyond the scope of astrology yet sceptics and new students often expect this impossibility. But if it could, why study astrology at all.  There might … Continued

  • The birth time – what the astrologer doesn’t know

    Astro-research requires birthcharts and birthcharts are calculated and constructed for birth times that are recorded on birth certificates. But if you take 100 births – each attended by 100 different physicians or midwives with their own procedure for noting and … Continued

  • When the planets in the sky signal global change

    Events on the Earth replicate astrological events in the sky. Economic booms and busts, financial difficulties, freedom-fighting, revolutions, wars and destructive weather events occur when the planets in the sky give them the green light. And when the outer planets … Continued

  • Aquarius and the age of right and left-wing extremism

    In global astrology the Sun is the planet of politics. He represents a moderate political position that is neither excessive nor extreme. But in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age the drivers of the political agenda are Saturn and … Continued

  • Test things out and do your own thinking

    We consider the blind belief and acceptance of what others say to be highly dangerous. And we encourage you to investigate and think for yourself. The world needs progressive religious reeducation, the facts of astrology and the facts of extrasensory … Continued

  • Global Astrology: Mars-Uranus conjunctions

    Around every two years Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus. So there’s plenty of historical evidence available that can be collected and filed in a Mars-Uranus dossier. Such data provides a wealth of astrological … Continued

  • Pluto and nuclear energy

    Nuclear energy is another name for atomic energy. It’s the energy released from the inner core or nucleus of the atom and during the 1950s it was harnessed to generate electricity. In nuclear power stations fission takes place in a … Continued

  • Global Astrology: Mars-Neptune conjunctions

    Mars-Neptune conjunction aspects are a regular occurrence – around every two years – and Mars, the planet of war, hate and violence provides the media with an avalanche of breaking news stories. The 20th-century was a killing field.  Millions were killed in horrors too dreadful … Continued