• Global Astrology: The New Moon cycle chart explained

    The Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth. Its age is currently estimated to be at least 5.41 billion years. In astrology it’s classified as a planet. The Moon’s gravity pulls on the Earth’s oceans causing tides and its … Continued

  • Hermetic Astrology fact-check

    There are several websites that claim to present Hermetic Astrology. But combining an ancient philosophy with some new-age astrological beliefs doesn’t allow its originator to call the end result Hermetic Astrology. So here’s a fact-check on The Hermetic System of … Continued

  • Mars and the world in 2017

    The global agenda involves strife and conflict. Difference is a sure recipe for conflict. Different philosophies, ideologies and beliefs stir up dissension and hostility. So, in 2017 people are fighting for their political, economic and religious beliefs. There are minor … Continued

  • Global Astrology: The Sun cycle chart explained

    The astrological year commences when the Sun enters Aries and a country’s Sun cycle chart provides a forecast model of general events and conditions for the chart’s 12 month duration. It’s a general, rather than specific, events chart that operates … Continued

  • The planets in the Sun cycle chart

    The Sun is the planet of politics, governance, leaders, politicians, CEO’s managers, executives, bosses and executive and administrative work. The mundane matters ruled by the house where it is located affect the political agenda and the actions of political leaders and politicians. … Continued

  • The houses in global astrology charts

    Each house in a global astrology chart marks for a sector of the mundane agenda. House 1: The people and their disposition, personal interests, health and general welfare: domestic matters and home-grown issues House 2: A country’s finances, cash-flow, income … Continued

  • Global Astrology: The science of eclipses

    They’re one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights and in ancient times, the temporary darkening of the Sun, just like today, fascinated the viewing audience. The Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians could not predict the time and place of an eclipse but, … Continued

  • The Brotherhood of Light fact-check

    If you Google The Brotherhood of Light you’ll hit on a number of websites. Wikipedia has a short entry – ‘The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, a Fraternity that descended from Frates Lucis in the 18th-century…strongly connected to the Hermetic Brotherhood … Continued

  • Birth times and birth certificates

    A clock is needed to time the birth moment and when Alexander the Great was born – around 355BC – there wasn’t one. Clocks and watches are quite recent inventions so way back then sunrise and sunset were very popular … Continued

  • Global Astrology: How to research eclipses

    The methodology when researching eclipses is easy. The theory to test is: Does an Eclipse or New Moon chart, by the house position of the Sun-Moon conjunction and the aspects it receives from the other planets, provide a general picture … Continued