About your birthchart

Maps are fashionable these days, but long before the map of the human genome Hermetic astrology provided an astro-dynamic explanation of life with a map for action.

This map, constructed for your time, date and place of birth, captures the astrological event that sanctioned your human birth. And its discovery – along with the astrological messages it contains – was the greatest intellectual moment of all time.  It’s not a rough draft involving vague speculations – it’s breathtaking mathematical precision – and the scope of the information it contains is awesome.  This map, called the birthchart, is the hallmark of Astrology.  It’s the greatest map of all.

The primary focus of Hermetic astrology is you and the events and conditions that sustain your development. It recognizes that you have a character – or intelligence type – and that your skills, abilities and life experience are the logical outcome of your character doing its thing.  And to see and observe your character in action and to scientifically assess its potential and forecast its future requires a model of your psychological landscape.

A model is any simplification, substitute or stand-in for what you are studying or trying to predict so it’s convenient and similar to what it represents. And models are very common.

A map in an atlas is a model of the country it represents. The ingredients list on a carton of milk is a model of its contents. The chapter title in a book is a model of its contents and your financial budget is a model of your income and expenses.  Almost everything you encounter from the video of your last holiday to a cake recipe is a model.  And when scientists use rats in laboratory experiments the rats are models of humans.

The model – whatever it is – is the basic element of the scientific method and the scientific method is just a way of thinking about models. And you must be able to recognize a model when you see it and appreciate its limitations.

Self-understanding and self-research require a model of your mind or character. You need an authentic self-information provider and Hermetic astrology uses your birthchart.  It’s the only model used in Hermetic astrology and the character traits and behaviors it models can be measured.  And because it unites two dynamic environments – the inner-world astrological environment and the outer-world physical environment – it can be rightly called the only interactive mental-physical model in existence.

Your birthchart puts you in the picture. It provides an accurate profile of your character – reveals how the universal astrological energies are expressing on a personal level – and connects you to the universe.  It profiles your personal version of the book of nature.

You can read a book without knowing how to write it and you can interpret the astrological messages written in your birthchart without knowing the technicalities of its construction. The chart details personal data that you can use to facilitate and manage your health, happiness and spiritual development.  There’s symmetry, beauty and a spectacular potential.  When it comes to your life your birthchart is the highest authority.  With your birthchart you can navigate by the stars – it’s a personal compass.

Your birthchart is the only tool you have that allows you to see the character you were born with. It’s a self-knowledge provider and it wants to share its knowledge with you.  It allows you to investigate your unconscious mind and to learn which part is interested in what.  You can link conscious thoughts and feelings and behavior traits and events with their not-conscious character factors.

The chart is used to analyze your character – its hot-spots and functional defects – and the events that sustain your intelligence and ability development. It’s a forecast model of thought-cell activity that times when new developmental experiences will occur.  And it can be used to generate a short-term or long-term event forecast.

A new energy-event in the chart reveals a trend that can be predicted, but what eventuates is not predetermined. There’s a shift in consciousness – a burst of new thoughts and feelings – and your now-astrology allows you to see which thought-cells in your not-conscious mind are being turned on.  They have a history and work to attract events that reflect how they feel.

A discordant energy-event times when problems and difficulties are inclined to feature in your self-development. And the problems allow you to learn what you’re doing wrong.  Or you can monitor the energy-event, heed the mishap warning, avoid the problem and successfully navigate the discord.

So your birthchart is not an instrument of fatality. It does not map inevitable events or what you will inevitably think and do.  The chart details a pre-existing condition at birth which may or may not develop into a real-life experience.  And your birthchart isn’t perfect.  It maps faults and defects and one of the functions of Hermetic astrology is to indicate how these ineffective thoughts and feelings can be modified or changed.

You have to keep on revisiting your birthchart – day after day after day. It’s talking to you so it’s important to establish a comfortable communication.  It’s there to help you find your way.  It’s a map of your mind and Hermetic astrology has redefined your inner geography.  The chart is your official map of who you are and who you can become.  It’s a facilitator and you – the self-conscious thinker – are the decision-maker and the information it provides will help you make the right decision.  The chart provides you with a personal road-map to self-understanding and self-fulfillment.  It can guide you to where you want to go.  It allows you to control uncertainty and monitor change.  It profiles your character and how it works and what you have to do to change yourself to enhance your success, happiness and spirituality.

You don’t buy your birthchart. You could say that it’s a software application that you got for free when you were born.  It’s an app that allows you to engage with your astrology code, track your not-conscious thought-cell activity and actively participate in your self-development.  It’s a download from the sky that runs on your PC or laptop.  And it provides you with a forecast of what’s going on in your not-conscious soul-mind.

Your birthchart allows you to retrieve information about your past, present and future – it’s your only source of authentic self-information. You can view it as a blog of your life journey.

The Horoscope computer program calculates and constructs your birthchart, measures the strength and functional integrity of its component parts, and calculates when astrological events will stimulate character factors into a dynamic state of activity. It does not interpret the chart. This requires personal data that can’t be programmed. The Horoscope program is available from the Church of Light.

When it comes to you and your life there’s only one genuine source of data – your birthchart – and you’re the only person who can make sense of what it means. You could say that your astrology code has been downloaded into your mind and your birthchart allows you to decipher the code as your life story.  It allows you – the thinker – to meet your soul and to enter your not-conscious world of thoughts, feelings and impulses.

Your birthchart quantifies your character. It measures the strength and functionality of each thought and feeling, provides a context for your thinking response and identifies the environmental triggers that go into producing your emotional states.  It reveals your background as a set of experiences and profiles your character and the experiences that will sustain your intelligence and ability development.

Your birthchart validates your existence and provides you with a sound and genuine plan on which you can build your life. So, if you’re serious about you, and making the most of your life, you need your birthchart.


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