Why study your astrology code

Chances are the question – who am I? – has crossed your mind. It’s the most important question you will ever ask and there are old-fashioned religious explanations, strange mystical answers and a New-Age genetic answer that reckons you’re not you, but a random mix of ancestral traits, tendencies and abilities.

The ‘who am I industry’ these days is all about genealogy, genetic ancestry and ethnic identity. There’s mystery, research, some interesting ancestral insights, but very few benefits. What have you really learned about yourself? Surely there has to be more. You want to get to personal truths that explain your character, reason for being and life experience and you want to access the best self-information that’s available. You want to know yourself – you want to be well-informed about yourself – and you don’t want other people putting their spin on who they think you are. Informed living is your goal. You want to learn about yourself and then you want to live your life your way. And that’s why you should study your astrology code.

Self-information is information about you and your primary source is your life experience. It’s by living your life that you learn about your character and how it works and operates. You learn about the dynamic psychological drivers that propel you into action and your desires, aspirations, attitudes and aptitudes. By living your life you learn about your likes and dislikes, natural inclinations, skills, talents and what you can do with ease and expertise. You learn about your thought and feeling world and the life-matters and social relations that cause you to think and feel the way you do. And if you’ve paid close attention and assessed things realistically you should have acquired a reliable data-base of self-information. You should know yourself rather well. But do you?

Your being here defies explanation and the orthodox information providers aren’t that helpful. So you need to know that you’ve got another source of self-information that’s authentic, verifiable and very, very useful. It’s your official map of self-knowledge – your birthchart. Your chart displays an astrology code that connects your soul to the stars and the code provides you with a valid description of your starter-pack and the life experience that will sustain your development. The code details the structure of your intelligence system and its strengths and weaknesses. It’s an easy to read self-reference that allows you to learn about your thought and feeling world. It details the thought structure of your soul and the mental activity that’s taking place in the not-conscious part of your mind.

Your birthchart displays an astrology code that you can use in your search for self-knowledge. It allows you to have an objective experience of your soul or character and your mental and emotional resources. There’s intelligence, emotion, talent, creative energy and vital strength in your soul and it’s the dynamic intelligence system that directs your life with a little help from the planets. The chart allows you to add to your existing level of self-knowledge and then it provides a whole lot more. It allows you to glimpse your true self and to sense the fundamental meaning of your existence. Many people have used Hermetic astrology to decipher their astrology codes and, with a working knowledge of astrology, they have applied directed thinking and induced emotion to maximize their mental, emotional and spiritual development. They have employed precautionary actions to minimize the harm and maximize the benefits indicated by astrological events mapped by their now-astrology. And you, through the application of Hermetic astrology, induced emotion and directed thinking, can double your happiness, material success, intellectual development and spiritual progress. And that’s why you should study your astrology code.

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