Theories of astrology

In 1881, when the Age of Aquarius dawned, astrology was high on belief and low on scientific explanation. The main challenge facing Hermetic astrology was to provide a credible theory that scientifically explained how an astrological energy being transmitted by a planet in the sky could influence your life. And in the 21st-century CC Zain’s (Elbert Benjamine’s) Theory of Astral Substance and Astral Vibration is the main foundation on which Hermetic astrology is based.

Physics is the science devoted to the study of matter and energy. Matter refers to anything that has weight and occupies space. Air, water, stones and people are examples. Energy is the agent that brings about change and change is the result of work. Energy is the ability or capacity to do work. Physics embraces the study of sound, liquids, atmospheric conditions, mechanics, light and heat, and physicists try to understand matter (the physical universe) and the energies that influence the way it behaves and works.

Physics often involves the study of things and energies that are invisible. Air and heat are invisible but their influence can be felt; and sounds cannot be seen but they can be heard. One of the main forms of energy – electricity – is invisible. Electricity cannot be seen, heard or smelt but what it can do is easily observed. Einstein’s Special theory of relativity is currently the main foundation on which modern physics is based.

Like physics, astrology involves the study of things (astral substance) and energies (astral vibrations) that are invisible. The main form of energy that astrologers have learned about is astral energy, and astral energy – like electricity – is an invisible energy. It cannot be seen, heard or smelt but what it can do is easily observed.

The physical world is comprised of matter and matter is composed of tiny particles called molecules and molecules are made of smaller particles called atoms. Atoms are bound together by an electrical force which comes from the electrons in the atom. All matter possesses two main properties – physical and chemical – and its physical properties can usually be seen, heard, smelt, touched or tasted. And its velocities cannot exceed the speed of light – 299,792 kilometers or 186,282 miles per second.

But in regard to velocity Hermetic science proposes that to cover all phases of existence Einstein’s observed assertion that no physical thing can move faster than the speed of light must be modified by the explanation that anything that moves faster than light is no longer physical, and is therefore not a thing according to Einstein’s conception. At the speed of light a physical object loses its physical properties and acquires those of the astral world.

The astral world is comprised of astral substance and astral substance has velocities that exceed the speed of light. On the astral plane time as we know it no longer exists, distance as we know it disappears (and is replaced by the difference in vibratory frequency), gravitation loses its power (and is replaced by the principle of resonance) and thought energy performs a similar function to mechanical power. At the speed of light gravitation loses its power, time stands still and a physical object no longer possess length and has infinite mass.


Hermetic science proposes that the Sun, Moon, planets and zodiac signs are transmitters of astral vibrations. It proposes that the Sun not only sends forth light, radiant heat and electromagnetic energy, it radiates finer energies through astral and spiritual substances. These astral vibrations have a wide variety of influences, convey intelligence and have velocities that exceed the speed of light. All energies existing on the Earth (including thoughts and feelings that express mental and moral attributes) are chiefly derived from the Sun.

The Sun has an electromagnetic energy field, an astral energy field and a spiritual energy field and the planets cutting this huge energy field, in turn, become transformers and transmitters of electromagnetic, astral (thoughts and feelings) and spiritual (moral) energies. Each planet, due to its chemical composition and density of material, is adapted to picking up electromagnetic, astral and spiritual energies and stepping (lowering) them down to certain other frequencies and radiating these energies into space. And these energies, due to a planet’s position in the sky, reach the Earth from different directions.

The Earth has its own field of force, its own electromagnetic and gravitational field, and is divided into a north and south polarity. The Sun’s relationship to this division determines the Earth’s relationship to the various sections (zodiac signs) of its field of force. So, the astral vibrations of the zodiac signs owe their vibratory qualities to the Earth’s field of force. The fixed stars that picture the zodiac signs, through which the planets move, appear to have little or no influence. In pictograph language they explain the influence of their corresponding zodiac signs.


Hermetic science proposes that every living thing on the Earth has an astral counterpart which is composed of astral substance. And that the most significant relation which commonly exists between physical substance and its astral counterpart is that the astral interpenetrates and has a molding power over the physical. The astral counterpart records and retains in its frictionless substance every experience its physical form provides; and all life forms react to environment with an awareness that is recorded in their astral forms. The outstanding characteristic of astral substance is its responsiveness to thought and thought is faster than light. Astral substance is not physical, it belongs to the astral plane, and due to its frictionless quality it stores memory. Modern psychology identifies the astral counterpart as the unconscious mind and orthodox religion identifies it as the soul.


Mind, both conscious and unconscious, has been debated for ages and it’s generally accepted that mind is the sum total of your conscious states. It’s a mass of thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories. Your brain is where sensory perceptions are reproduced as thoughts. Hermetic science proposes that your brain was evolved to handle the electrical processes involved with thinking, but your conscious thinking should not be considered a different activity of your mind. It proposes that your unconscious mind or soul embraces all the states of consciousness you’ve experienced and that the thoughts and feelings that come to your conscious attention are mental downloads from your not-conscious mind. Your brain – where you the objective awareness reside – allows you to experience thoughts and feelings that originate in your not-conscious mind. Hermetic science proposes that even though your (unconscious) mind and objective awareness (brain) are different and separate they each represent a single consciousness.

Your not-conscious mind is the super-intelligence that builds, directs and manages your physical body. It seems to know infinitely more than the most informed human intellect. Soul intelligence, aided by astrological energies, played the active role in organizing the endless complexities of the amino-acid and DNA chains that were needed to create and duplicate physical life.

But the existence of an unconscious mind or astral consciousness jeopardizes the materialistic model of life so neuroscience claims it doesn’t exist. But it does, on the sub-atomic astral plane. And that’s the same plane of existence where the astrological energies transmitted by the planets and zodiac signs operate. And your unconscious soul-mind is a receiving set for the energies they transmit.


Hermetic science proposes that your unconscious mind or soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts.

Psychokinesis is a hybrid word derived from two Greek words meaning mind and motion. It refers to the moving of physical objects, or otherwise affecting physical conditions, by the non-physical power of the mind and thought. University experiments have confirmed that mind possesses psychokinetic power and this natural ability of the unconscious mind to move and influence physical objects by the power of thought is called psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis explains how your unconscious mind or soul, residing on the astral plane, maintains contact with your physical body. It’s attached to your physical form by the psychokinetic energy of its thoughts.


Hermetic science proposes that the electromagnetic energies generated by the cells of your physical body permit your unconscious soul-mind to control your body.

Every cell of your physical body is a miniature battery generating electricity. The nerve cells of your nervous system, including the grey matter of the frontal lobes of your brain, are carriers of electrical currents. They’re the best producers of shortwave radiations. And the cells of your brain generate the most positive electrical energy of the highest potential. This allows your brain to control your thoughts and behavior.

Nerve currents flowing over your nerves transmit information that’s been picked up by your senses to your brain where you – the objective awareness – receive the astral email. Nerve currents also transmit instructions from your brain to your muscles, glands and other body parts. These nerve currents, generated by the cells and flowing over your nervous system, allow your unconscious soul-mind to control your brain and manage and coordinate your body’s functions through the electromagnetic field that is formed.

Hermetic science proposes that the electrical impulses generated by the cells of your physical body are the vital ‘life’ principal. It proposes that nerve currents are a specialized form of electromagnetic energy and that electromagnetic energies are not physical. They have approximately the speed of light and mainly belong to the astral plane. It proposes that the electromagnetic energies associated with your physical body belong to the high velocity astral plane; that associated with your physical body is an electromagnetic body; and it is known as your personal magnetism or aura.

Electromagnetism is the energy that permits the electronic transfer of know-how and intelligence from your not-conscious soul-mind to your physical brain and body. It permits astral substance – your not-conscious mind – to influence and control physical substance – your brain and body.


Hermetic science proposes that you – the thinker – have a mind and body and that your mind – unconscious mind or soul – is made of astral substance. It proposes that your unconscious soul-mind is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts; and that your body’s electrical equipment furnishes the shortwave radiations that allow your unconscious soul-mind – employing knowledge gained by experience – to build your body and manage its biological processes.

It proposes that astrological energies transmitted by the planets and zodiac signs have a point of reception within your unconscious soul-mind; and that, by imparting motions to the electromagnetic energies generated by the cells of your physical body, your astral soul downloads states of consciousness to your physical brain, where you – the objective awareness – recognize them as thoughts, feelings and impulses.

So that’s the theory and you can test it for yourself. You can test for the existence of the inner-astral-plane, where your soul resides and astrological energies operate, through astrology or extrasensory perception. The astrological method requires your birthchart. And by following Hermetic astrology’s chart assessment procedure you can check if your life does have an astrological blueprint and if the major events in your life have coincided with the formation of astrological events in the chart that mapped and explained their occurrence.

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