Self-tracking with a mind-map

Self-tracking in the 21st-century is all about monitoring your physical self to measure and analyze the data provided by apps and wearable sensors. Self-trackers employ these and other devices to track physical activity, fitness, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, sleep patterns, moods and urine color. They track their cholesterol, insulin or cortisol levels. And they record the numbers and track their performance in a diary. But long before personal apps and sensors allowed self-trackers to track and quantify what they eat and calorie intake, Hermetic astrology provided a map that allows you to quantify your psychological attributes and track your mind. This ancient self-tracking device is your birthchart.

Self-tracking with a mind-map is the practice of using your birthchart to monitor and record your unconscious thought-cell activity, psychological attributes, character traits, health and wellbeing. It does not require a mobile app or sensory device. The chart allows you to track your not-conscious thought-cell activity and its influence on your life and living. It allows you to track your thought and feeling world and to evaluate the functionality of your mental behavior. It’s a psychological exercise where you monitor and track your mental self.

Your birthchart is a mind-map that allows you to acquire self-knowledge and to track the activity of character factors. And birthchart self-trackers use their charts to analyze their minds. They know the relative strength and functionality of every thought, feeling and impulse that comprises their mental world. They know their relative level of enthusiasm, determination, adaptability, resilience, courage and initiative. Their charts allow them to create a character profile, describe their behaviors as effective or ineffective and to assess the strength and functionality of their moods. The birthchart, rather than a mobile device, serves as a tool for self-quantifying and tracking their not-conscious thought-cell activity.

When it comes to you, your birthchart is the best self-tracking device that’s available. And it’s free. It allows you track your mind. An ancient piece of technology out-performs most new-age gadgetry. The chart allows you to become an expert in your mental and physical self. It allows you to learn about your unconscious drivers, your character and your attitudes and motivations. It allows you to track the mental activity that’s taking place in your not-conscious mind. It allows you to track your stress levels, nutritional needs and behavior performance in a particular setting. By providing clear data about your life and quantifying your character it allows you to make informed decisions and judgments regarding your mental performance. You can even track your spiritual performance. And Hermetic astrology encourages you to take action to maximize your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Self-tracking with a mind-map adds a new dimension to self-awareness. It allows you to know-thyself and to live an examined life. Your birthchart provides data and your life experience allows you to makes sense of what it means. The act of self-tracking involves linking not-conscious thoughts and feelings with their environmental cues to determine what causes you to feel the way you do. Real life experience validates birthchart data and having access to information like this allows you to effectively manage your self-development. It allows you to know what changes must be made to your character to make your life better. And it’s not difficult. You don’t need a lot of different apps and monitors. Your birthchart is a single purpose monitor. It allows you to monitor your character, psychological world and life with numbers, but things like happiness, success, satisfaction and effectiveness cannot be measured. But with a starting value that measures the strength and functionality of each psychological driver you’re in a position to know what is reducing your happiness and satisfaction and to take steps to upgrade the effectiveness of your performance. If you want more high performance days your birthchart holds the key.

You’re self-tracking for a purpose. You want to reach your full potential – to be the best you can – so it’s all a matter of you getting the best out of yourself. And your birthchart allows you to form a self-development policy and your now-astrology lets you know when unconscious drivers are being turned on and you can track their activity and functionality. Self-tracking with a mind-map is all about visiting your birthchart regularly to collect new measurements and monitor new developments, so the data needs to be recorded. But before any self-improvement takes place there must be a desire to improve in your mind. And real personal power – your capacity to take control of your life, health and happiness – comes with the realization that all the power you will ever need is in your own thinking.

You could say your birthchart is an app that allows you to engage with your astrology code. It allows you to track and monitor not-conscious thought-cell activity. It allows you to track your health, spot trends and diagnose problems quickly and accurately. It allows you to grade the functionality of your primary behaviors. And it allows you to play a pro-active role in your self-development. It allows you to collect more self-data than you ever thought possible. Its potential as a self-tracking device seems unlimited. Technology has facilitated the calculation of the chart and the thought-cell tracking. By freeing up your time it allows you to start drilling into your chart to discover and learn about your past, present and future. And Hermetic astrology has already collected, aggregated, explored and decoded the bits of astro-data that explain the mystery that is you. So get your birthchart and go self-tracking with a mind-map.

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