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The Age of Aquarius – a significant astrological event that occurred on January 19, 1881. In the life evolution process, here on Earth, it marks for an ‘I know’ motivation that will feature knowledge, scientific learning, technological progress, altruism, human rights, self-understanding and squabbling. It has an approximate time-frame of 2150 years.

The Age of Pisces – a significant astrological event that occurred in approximately 268BC. In the life evolution process it marked for an ‘I believe’ motivation that featured mystical belief, dogma, religious authoritarianism, fearful dissenters, Christian values and cathedrals. It ended on January 19, 1881 when the Age of Aquarius commenced.

Astral – means of or pertaining to the stars.

Astral body – a form composed of astral substance that’s organized by states of consciousness. It functions on the four-dimensional astral plane, records the soul’s experiences and is the mold of the physical body.

Astral substance – the four-dimensional substance that comprises the astral world. Its velocities exceed the speed of light. The astral body is made of astral substance.

Astrodynes – a set of mathematical calculations that measure the strength and functionality of each marker in a birthchart. They quantify the individual components of your thought and feeling world and add a measurement dimension to your character and life experience.

Astrology – the study of birthcharts and their astrological data. It’s the science that studies the influence of the zodiac signs and planets on the soul’s consciousness development and the means by which you can find and utilize the natural potential that’s indicated in your birthchart. Hermetic Astrology is a self-science.

Your astrology code – the astrological pattern displayed in your birthchart that provides you with a polarity. It determines your life experience. It can be used to predict your character traits, emotional states, thought patterns, behaviors and the events and conditions that are the natural outcome of you being you. It ensures that you develop into the person nature intends.

Birthchart or horoscope – a chart or map that displays the astrological environment as it appears when viewed from the birthplace at the birth time. Hence….birthchart. Yours displays a personal astrology code that you’re destined to fulfill. As a data-base of self-information your birthchart details your intelligence and ability in an astrological format. The chart serves as a template and acts as a model or reference point. As a mathematical model it quantifies you and permits an accurate assessment of your character and life experience, but you can take action and change what’s indicated.

Conditioning – a learning process by which the soul is educated by pleasant and painful experiences. All behavior is the result of conditioning by environment.

Electromagnetic energy – one of the great phenomenon of physics. It’s the energy source that’s required to transmit information – in the form of waves – from one place to another. This information can be in the form of light or heat. It permits astral substance to influence physical substance and is the magical agent that allows the soul to transmit information – feeling and intelligence – to the physical brain and nervous system.

Electromagnetic field – the force field of the electromagnetic force consisting of electric and magnetic lines of force at each point in space. An electromagnetic wave is a wavelike disturbance in an electromagnetic field. The wave travels at the speed of light.

Electromagnetism – the magical agent which forms the connecting link between mind – astral substance – and matter – physical substance.

Energy – a force possessing the capacity to do work. Physical energy performs physical work, intellectual energy performs intellectual work and emotional energy performs emotional work. Astral – thought – energy performs mental work. Your mind, or soul, is a thought-energy system. It consists of ten dynamic energies that perform mental, emotional and physical work.

Environment – refers to everything that is external to the mind – the life-matters, activities and people in your local environment. It includes your physical body and all its organs, parts and genes. These external environmental factors influence your behavior and actions. The single most important problem facing you – and every other human soul – is adequate adaptation to your environment.

Evolution – the means by which consciousness develops and expands. Nature expresses ten dynamic psychological drivers. Each one possesses a basic mode of expression and together they’re identified as human nature. Evolution permits their gradual development.

Evolutionary experience – the process by which simple consciousness gradually develops a slightly more complex mode of expression. A soul’s experience with material conditions produces thought-cells and these parent thought-cells are conditioned by experience and work to attract similar experiences that in turn produce thought-cells that are astrologically similar to their parent cells.

Inner or astral-plane – the area of fourth-dimensional activity. It’s non-physical and is the first interior level relative to the material plane. Your soul resides there.

Intelligence – the know-how to live, perform and do. It’s an emergent property of the soul – a developing potential that evolves through experience and overcoming problems.

Life – feeling and intelligence expressing through form.

Major progression or major progressed aspect – a release of planetary energy subsequent to birth that can be timed and measured. The planets (MC and ascendant) in your birthchart progress or move and their movement during each 24-hour period equals one year in your life. Major progressed planets form aspects to birthchart and other major progressed planets and your progressed chart allows you watch what’s going on in your not-conscious mind. A major progressed aspect marks for a major event in your life.

Marker – an identifiable astrological factor in any birthchart whose influence can be measured and monitored.

Minor progression or minor progressed aspect – a release of planetary energy subsequent to birth that can be timed and measured. The planets (MC and ascendant) in your birthchart progress or move and their movement during each 28-day period equals one year in your life. Minor progressed planets form aspects to birthchart and progressed planets and your progressed chart allows you to watch what’s going on in your unconscious mind. An independent minor progressed aspect marks for a minor event in your life.

Mind – an organized intelligence system expressing thoughts, feelings, impulses and memories. Your total consciousness or mind is a self-organizing thought system. The mind has an unconscious and conscious portion. The dynamic not-conscious portion builds, organizes and manages the physical body it animates. It’s mission control – the intelligence that directs the life experience – and the reception center for the astral energies being transmitted by the planets and zodiac signs. Unconscious mental activity is transmitted to the physical brain via electromagnetic energy. It appears there – on the screen of objective awareness – as thoughts, feelings and impulses.

Polarity – the electromagnetic condition of the soul as positive or negative which gives it direction. It’s the reason why you start attracting those experiences that are necessary for your education and development and naturally repel those that aren’t.

Planet – a wanderer in the sky that is the symbolic equivalent of an unconscious urge. In 2006 the astronomers voted to downgrade Pluto to dwarf-planet status. This doesn’t alter the fact that it is a dynamic part of the astrological environment transmitting its own distinct astral vibration.

Pluto Period – a transition phase influencing the changeover from Pisces to Aquarius. It commenced in 1930 when Pluto was discovered.

Progressed chart – a term used to identify and describe your birthchart when it is progressed to a specified date subsequent to your birth. Your progressed chart details your now-astrology and what’s currently going on in your unconscious mind.

Psychokinesis – the moving of physical objects or otherwise affecting physical conditions by the non-physical power of mind or thought. Your soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts.

Self – the subject and object of individual consciousness. The bearer of subjective experience, as well as the contents of that experience. Your total consciousness.

Self-science – the scientific learning of self. The self consists of a mind, body and soul. Soul and body are intimately connected and mental dysfunction expresses as physical dysfunction and disease. Hermetic Astrology is a self-science. It allows you to discover and understand your mind, soul or character and the type of life experience that will best sustain its development.

Soul or mind – a non-physical organization of thought-elements, thought-cells and thought-structures whose intelligence develops through experience. Life is the expression of soul and soul intelligence builds, organizes, manages and animates physical forms.

The subconscious – identifies a region of awareness that is just below the threshold of conscious awareness.

The thinker or objective awareness – that part of the consciousness that is objectively aware of what’s going on. As the thinker you’re aware of your mind and body and they influence your thinking and behavior – how you feel and what you do.

Thinking – a mental activity made possible by the emergence of the self-conscious thinker and the human brain. It enhances the capacity to survive. Reminiscing, reflection, fantasy-thinking and the verbatim relating of events and information require low-level thinking skills. Reasoning, analysis, discrimination and the solution of perplexities require high-level thinking skills. Directed thinking focuses the concentration. It’s hard mental work, but very worthwhile.

Thought-cell – an element of astral substance that is identified by its astrological equivalent. The mind or soul is composed of thought-cells. The body is composed of physical cells.

The unconscious, unconscious mind, not-conscious mind or soul – identifies a dynamic field of unconscious thoughts, feelings and impulses – the soul’s consciousness development. When an unconscious thought or feeling accesses your brain and nervous system it enters your conscious field of mental activity.

Transits or transit progressed aspect – a release of planetary energy subsequent to birth that can be timed and measured. A planet’s transit position is its position in the sky on any date. Transit progressed planets form aspects to birthchart and progressed planets and your progressed chart allows you to watch what’s going on in your unconscious mind. An independent transit progressed aspect marks for an inconsequential event in your life. Research-based scientific evidence reveals that the mainstream astrological community has greatly exaggerated their influence.

Zodiac – a circular belt in the sky consisting of twelve equal segments called signs.

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