Aquarius and the new astrology

Astrology has been around for a very long time. Its roots can be traced to an unknown ancient past and it was not only humanity’s first science, it was humanity’s first religion. It’s had a significant influence throughout history and like all scientific disciplines its knowledge-base undergoes transformation and expansion in response to new discoveries and developments.

The first astrologers gathered their astrological science in a different time and place. They went beyond matter and used their psychic and spiritual powers to investigate the inner-realm of astrological energies. Their investigative research revealed that the human soul was part of the natural  world and connected to the universe. They concluded that astrology – the science of the soul and stars – provided evidence of Divine intervention. The planets and zodiac signs were God’s agents and through them each soul’s evolutionary journey was specified and managed. To the first astrologers this was a self-evident truth.

The first astrologers placed their astrological knowledge in the sky and around 50AD Claudius Ptolemy assembled astrology’s knowledge-base in a book entitled Tetrabiblos. At this time the mystical water sign, Pisces, was in charge of the proceedings so it was inevitable that the ancient astrological wisdom would become tainted with wild superstitions and untested beliefs. And for 1900 years astrology was guided by Ptolemy and superstition.

During the Age of Pisces the zodiac signs, the planets and almost everything else in the sky were seen to cause events. The old astrology dealt with events and the old astrologers investigated birthcharts to determine their causes. But they weren’t very good at calculating charts. The calculations are difficult, but an accurate birthchart requires an accurate birth time and accurate birth place geographical coordinates and during the age of Pisces these were never accurate.

The old astrology was influenced by fanciful belief, superstition and mystical folly. Fixed stars and non-astrological markers were placed in the chart with wild abandon. These markers were never tested in a large series of birthcharts. The driving force was extrasensory perception, not deductive reasoning. So the old astrology was an unscientific discipline and the old astrologers were mostly fortune-tellers.

Then, in 1881, came cyclic change. Aquarius, the intellectual, knowledge-driven zodiac sign was the natural successor to Pisces and the transition from Pisces to Aquarius brought scientific upheaval and the gradual dismantling of many Piscean Age belief systems. And astrology was not immune to the radical transformation. Astrologers on the west coast of America realized that the old astrology had to be tested and the new astrology had to be based on the evidence provided by observation and statistical analysis. And in Los Angeles, California, in 1924 The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department was established to scientifically investigate astrology’s current knowledge-base. It scientifically tested the old astrology, deleted the astrological irrelevancies and went in search of astrological facts. And now we know what the new astrology looks like.

Aquarius and the new astrology is not event based. The idea that events in your life happen as planets or whatever in the sky aspect or hit planets or whatever in your birthchart has been declared irrational and absurd. Instead the new astrology places character in the driver’s seat. You’re life is the result of your character doing its thing and then it declares that your character, and all its component parts, is clearly detailed in your birthchart by your astrology code. The new astrology claims that character is destiny and it has the evidence to prove it.

Then, through statistical research, the new astrology confirmed that there were 22 astrological markers that had an easily identifiable function and effect; that ten different angular relationship, called aspects, had an easily identifiable influence on the functionality of the planets; and that the houses in the birthchart represented the environmental setting in which you and your astrology code operate. The new astrology discovered the relationship that exists between your astrology code, the environmental setting in which it operates and your life experience. Both the code and the environment are considered dynamic variables that influence your thoughts, feelings and actions. And the new astrology is based on the dynamic relationship that exists between these two variables.

The new astrology provides self-knowledge through numbers. The astrodynes, harmodynes and discordynes have taken center stage. And when they were introduced into the chart assessment process the mathematical precision was breathtaking. Guesswork and uncertainty were eliminated. By measuring the relative strength and functionality of all the key markers in your birthchart the new astrology allows you to track your life using numbers.

The new astrology provides classified data, key words and rules. It’s not a vague body of astrological information and the birthchart is not a map of mystical symbols. The new astrology provides researched-based astrological facts and the scientific data allows you to employ reason in your search for self-understanding and meaning.


The new astrology employs computer technology. The computer program calculates the chart and its astrodynes. This greatly reduces the chance of error and frees up your time. By spending less time doing calculations you can devote more time to understanding your astrology code. What hasn’t changed is the systematic procedure that must be followed to get an accurate assessment of your character and life. You need to know that when it comes to analyzing the data and what it means the world’s most powerful supercomputer is rendered useless. Who you are today is the result of your character development at birth as mapped by your birthchart, your conditioning by experience since then and your current circumstances. And you can’t program your character at birth, your conditioning by experience and your current circumstances into a computer.

The new astrology transports you to the sub-atomic realm of four-dimensional energies where your soul and the astrological energies that influence its intelligence and ability development reside and operate. It confirms the ancient teaching that through the planets and zodiac signs in your birthchart God is taking a personal interest in your development. You could say you’ve been tagged with a personal astrology code and that God is tracking your movements. As a counseling service the code provides you with soul-deep information. It allows you to know what God intends for you. It proves that you’re not DNA in motion. The new astrology is guided by science and numbers. It’s a self-science that instructs you on how to play a pro-active role in your mental, emotional and spiritual development. And Elbert Benjamine and The Brotherhood of Light have their fingerprints all over the new astrology.

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