About Hermetic astrology

Hermetic astrology is a natural science. Its subject matter is life and it’s devoted to investigating and translating the grand book of life. This book is written in the language of the stars and to read it correctly you must first learn the language.  You’re then in a position to translate and comprehend its messages for yourself.

This language has an alphabet of 22 letters – the eight planets of our solar system, the Sun and Moon and twelve zodiac signs – and at each moment in time they form a dynamic astrology code. You were born when the code in the sky closely resembled the thought and feeling structure of your character.

Astrology is precisely defined as the science of finding and utilizing your natural potential. It’s mapped in your birthchart and Hermetic astrology merges ancient wisdom with modern science to provide you – the self-curious thinker – with the most accurate astrological information that’s currently available.

It claims your life has an astrological blueprint which you can use as a self-information resource. This blueprint – your birthchart – brings you face to face with the core components of your being and allows you to look beneath superficial generalizations to understand the deeper detail and logic of your life and existence.  If self-knowledge and self-understanding is on your agenda you need to know about your character and its qualities, mental resources, aptitudes, attitudes and motivations.

Hermetic astrology is a body of credible scientific facts and theories that is bound by a compact and coherent set of doctrines. It provides a grand edifice of astrological knowledge and its systematic chart-assessment procedure allows you to make an accurate and thorough assessment of your personal astrology code.  It profiles your character – allows you to meet the thought and feeling world that’s not in your conscious field of awareness – requests you take full responsibility for your actions – and invites you to take control of your self-development by making use of the information provided by your life experience and birthchart.

Hermetic astrology is the science of best living. It provides astrological information that allows you to reach the highest-levels of self-awareness.  It encourages you to discover your one very special talent and to use this unique gift for personal pleasure and the profit of others.  And it provides personalized astrological advice that you can use when dealing with behavior problems, character flaws and difficult circumstances.

Hermetic astrology invites you to actively participate in your self-development and to live a more rewarding and useful life.   It’s an experience that promises a depth of meaning and purpose that is not attainable from any other philosophical or scientific source.  The implications are awesome.

Hermetic astrology studies and investigates the natural laws that govern your character development and successful living depends upon you using these laws effectively. Ignoring or disregarding them will result in misfortune, disease and social failure and you’ll fail to reach your full potential.  The Brotherhood of Light is inviting you to get to know these laws.  It’s not driven by competition or rivalry.  Its motives are purely altruistic.  The race to understand nature and how it operates is a spiritual enterprise.  No-one can copyright the laws of nature.

Hermetic astrology takes you down a road less travelled – the royal road to soul-knowledge – and invites you to begin the exciting journey to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. As the science of human souls it presents a theory of life that sheds light on who you are and your reason for being.  It explains your life as a training program where intelligence and ability are developed in response to cosmic needs and provides revolutionary information that you can use to navigate your life and future.  Unhampered by orthodoxy and convention you can discover the real you and why you exist as a dynamic living component of the natural world.

Hermetic astrology ensures a successful quest for self-enlightenment. It deciphers the great code of life – gives you back your soul – celebrates your individuality – and invites you to re-frame your identity in the light of astrological information.  It provides intellectual excitement, honesty, hope and optimism in an otherwise meaningless and sterile self-information environment that’s shackled by conformity, monotony, orthodoxy, fear, innuendo and inversion.  It will change your life forever.


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