1. About Hermetic astrology

    Hermetic astrology is a natural science. Its subject matter is life and it’s devoted to investigating and translating the grand book of life. This book is written in the language of the stars and to read it correctly you must … Continued

  2. About your birthchart

    Maps are fashionable these days, but long before the map of the human genome Hermetic astrology provided an astro-dynamic explanation of life with a map for action. This map, constructed for your time, date and place of birth, captures the … Continued

  3. The astrology code

    In 1953 Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the double helix structure of DNA and genes stored in the DNA are the instruction units of biological heredity. Each gene contains the coding for the manufacture of a specific protein and … Continued

  4. The quantified self

    The quantified self in the age of DNA and genes refers to the measurement of your physical self and behaviors. Your height, weight and foot size can be measured and now, using the latest app and sensory device, you can … Continued

  5. Self-tracking with a mind-map

    Self-tracking in the 21st-century is all about monitoring your physical self to measure and analyze the data provided by apps and wearable sensors. Self-trackers employ these and other devices to track physical activity, fitness, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sugar … Continued

  6. Aquarius and the new astrology

    Astrology has been around for a very long time. Its roots can be traced to an unknown ancient past and it was not only humanity’s first science, it was humanity’s first religion. It’s had a significant influence throughout history and … Continued

  7. Why study your astrology code

    Chances are the question – who am I? – has crossed your mind. It’s the most important question you will ever ask and there are old-fashioned religious explanations, strange mystical answers and a New-Age genetic answer that reckons you’re not … Continued

  8. The facts of astrology

    Scientific astrology is not fortune-telling but many so-called astrologers must be classified as fortune-tellers. And these fortune-teller type astrologers and their attempts to precisely predict future events have contributed greatly to the popular perception that astrology is fortune-telling. It’s a … Continued

  9. Theories of astrology

    In 1881, when the Age of Aquarius dawned, astrology was high on belief and low on scientific explanation. The main challenge facing Hermetic astrology was to provide a credible theory that scientifically explained how an astrological energy being transmitted by … Continued

  10. Astrology speak

    The Age of Aquarius – a significant astrological event that occurred on January 19, 1881. In the life evolution process, here on Earth, it marks for an ‘I know’ motivation that will feature knowledge, scientific learning, technological progress, altruism, human … Continued