The measured life

You need to be more informed about yourself. You’re unique and your individuality is being recognized with personalized medicine. Your physical uniqueness is explained by your genetic code and your unique character is explained by your astrology code. With your birthchart and Hermetic astrology you have the opportunity to understand yourself in a way you never thought possible. You can understand your life. Instead of living blind you can use measured data to guide your decision-making and self-development. Hermetic astrology has developed a set of equations and it’s inviting you to live a measured life.

Hermetic astrology provides self-knowledge through numbers and a mind-map. It provides the tools that allow you to quantify your mental self. It provides a set of equations that allow you to assess and analyze your character using numbers. The measurement of not-conscious thought-cell activity and its deviations adds a dynamic dimension to your quest for self-understanding. It allows you to track yourself.

Your birthchart makes who you are very personal. It measures your aggressive urge, your desire for plenty and your need for love and companionship. It measures risk. It measures the influence of each life-matter and activity and the functionality of your social relationships. Your life has been arranged by nature for a purpose and your birthchart allows you to glimpse what nature has planned and to measure where you will reap the highest rewards in soul-development.

Your birthchart allows you to monitor your now-astrology and convert astrological events into numbers. It measures and explains internal change. You can track unconscious thought-cell activity. You can monitor your changing body chemistry and changing nutritional needs. The chart provides information that no machine or gadget can provide. It provides you with a health report. It allows you to make precise judgments regarding the functionality of your thinking. It allows you to live a measured life.

By converting harmony and discord into a number you’re in a much better position to judge what’s really going on and to understand the situation better. Increased harmony marks for a better behavior performance and fortunate events. Increased discord marks for misguided thought-cell activity and the risk of mishap and misfortune. But knowledge like this allows you to manage the situation and take precautionary measures. The numbers measure deviations to functionality and explain what happens when harmony turns discordant and when discord turns harmonious. Discord numbers, by measuring pain, hammer home the need to modify or change your ineffective behaviors. By converting the astrological data into numbers the numbers reinforce the meaning of the words.

The astrodynes permit the measurement and scaling of your astrology code. They measure your character and give its component parts numerical values. They allow you to replace estimation and guesswork with reasoned judgments and Hermetic astrology is inviting you to assess your astrology code using numbers and live a measured life.

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