Stellar Dynamics

In December, 1946 Elbert Benjamine claimed that Stellar Dynamics is to astrology what electronics is to industry. And today he would say that Stellar Dynamics is to astrology what the silicon chip is to the computer age. He claimed that Stellar Dynamics is the bright new astrological science of the future. It’s the new astrology.

The astrodynes are the outstanding advance in astrological science since the ancients discovered the birthchart. As a set of mathematical calculations they’re employed to measure the power, harmony or discord possessed by each planet, aspect, sign and house in any birthchart. They replaced judgment and estimation – the old astrology – with relative measurement and now with computer technology performing the calculations  we know what Stellar Dynamics looks like.

But Stellar Dynamics not only introduces measurement into the assessment of your birthchart it provides a new vocabulary to describe and explain what it all means. And The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department has its fingerprints all over the new astrology. It did the statistical research and now in the 21st-century it’s time for interested persons to learn the science, the numbers and the language and to use the new astrology.

Your birthchart is a map of astrological vibratory rates. The astrology code it maps provides a model of your character and the life experience that will sustain its development. Your unconscious mind is your soul. It’s composed of ten dynamic thought-cell groups. They’re vibrations in astral substance and each thought-cell group has its astrological equivalent. They’re the planets, so the strength of each thought-cell group matches the astrodyne power of its astrological marker. The one with the most power dominates your psychological landscape. Each thought-cell group also possesses functionality that matches the harmony or discord of its astrological marker. So the power, harmony or discord possessed by each planet in your birthchart allows you to assess and analyze the thought-cell activity that’s taking place in your not-conscious mind. The chart and its astrodynes transport you to the precursor realm of unconscious thought. They allow you to have a close encounter with your soul and the life experience that’s been destined by nature to develop your special attributes and abilities. The old astrology has been revolutionized by numbers that measure your character and its merits, strengths, faults and imperfections.

The new astrology employs astrodynes and a planet’s relative power is used to determine the relative strength of its character equivalent and this reveals its capacity to influence your objective thinking and behavior. By measuring normal activity levels you know what is normal for you. The new astrology provides you with an accurate forecast of what’s coming up and this allows you to prevent problems before they develop. And it also introduces conditioning by experience into your life equation. All your behavior is a learned response to circumstance, with your birthchart providing a model of the behavior that’s inclined to be learned. Environment and thought-cell formation go hand in hand and you may not know where you’re going, but you will always end up where your thought-cells want to be.

Harmony is the marker for ease, comfort and supportive environmental conditions. A planet’s harmony marks for pleasant conditioning by experience and behavior that is constructive and effective. It has a success potential. Discord is the marker for distress, misfortune and antagonistic environmental circumstances. A planet’s discord marks for unpleasant conditioning by experience and behavior that is destructive, misguided and ineffective. It has a failure potential.

The planet with the most power is called the dominant planet. It not only maps your dominant urge, or psychological driver, it maps the outstanding behaviors and character traits that you will employ in your day to day living. And it marks for wants and needs that will play a dominant role in your life and self-development. The planet with the most harmony is called the best planet. Its harmony favors effective behavior, satisfaction and success. The planet with the most discord is called the worst planet. Its discord inclines towards ineffective behavior, dissatisfaction and failure. The worst planet is an astrological trouble-spot. It tends to cause major problems – including disease and distress – and should always be viewed as a self-development antagonist. But you can harmonize the discord by changing the ineffective, misguided thinking, feeling and behaving that inevitably leads to mishap and misfortune.

In the new astrology the sign with the most power is called the dominant sign. It may or may not be your Sun-sign, but it maps an outstanding attitude that has well defined likes, dislikes and inclinations.  Signs, just like the planets, possess harmony or discord and the sign with the most harmony is called the best sign. It maps a good attitude and an effective behavior style that supports personal success. The sign with the most discord is called the worst sign. It maps a bad attitude and an ineffective behavior style that results in misguided effort, failure and poor social relations.

In the new astrology the house with the most power is called the dominant house. It maps some life-matter, activity or relationship that’s destined to become your central life activity. The house with the most harmony is called the best house. It marks for some life-matter, activity or social  relationship that’s predisposed to travel a pleasant, rewarding course. The house with the most discord is called the worst house. It represents some life-matter, activity or relationship that’s predisposed to travel an unpleasant, troublesome course. It has a high mishap and failure potential, but you can change the misguided thoughts and feelings that are taking you there.

The new astrology allows you to marry technology with self-improvement. It adds an extraordinary dimension to the quantified self movement and the self-trackers who use gadgets to measure and analyze data about their health, fitness, blood pressure, weight and diet. The market is being flooded with cheap self-tracking devices. But why bother. Your birthchart is an all-purpose self-tracking device that allows you to track both your mental and physical self for free.

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