Chart-data analysis with numbers

Your birthchart pictures an astrology code that operates in an environmental setting. It expresses functionality and each planet, aspect, sign and house in the chart has a power-value, a harmony-value or discord-value. The astrodynes pin a number on everything in the chart and this allows you to make more precise judgments about yourself and what’s likely to happen if you do nothing to change what’s indicated.

Your birthchart is a self-information provider. It’s an astro-model of your character and the astrodynes quantify its component parts. An astrological marker and its character equivalent are measured and those with the highest number of astrodynes have the highest potential to influence your life. With a higher number of astrodynes the energy potential of the marker is increased. There’s a stronger driving force – a stronger urge, desire or impetus – that acts as a propeller.

Any birthchart marker with a high number of astrodynes has its energy potential increased. A higher number of astrodynes increases the potential for the indicated behavior trait or ability to develop. There’s more energy and more regular engagement. A not-conscious thought-cell group with a higher number of astrodynes has its capacity to demonstrate events increased. There’s a higher level of interest and a stronger motivation. A character factor with a higher number of astrodynes expresses an incessant desire. There’s a higher level of emotional engagement and this ups the potential for sustained development. A low number of astrodynes reduces the potential to sustain development.

Your chart has an average mean power-value and a planet can be marginally above or marginally below the average. Those with above average power mark for character factors that have an above average influence on your life and behavior. And those with below average power have their influence correspondingly reduced.

The astro-markers in your birthchart with the highest number of harmodynes are your assets. They mark for thoughts, feelings and impulses that move you in the direction of fortunate events. They seek good-fortune, good-health and peace of mind. And the astro-markers with the highest number of discordynes are your liabilities. They mark for thoughts, feelings and impulses that move you in the direction of unfortunate events.  They seek misfortune and mental discomfort.

But care is required when analyzing astro-data and it’s wrong to over-emphasize the role of the numbers. They provide guidelines that permit a more accurate analysis of the data but the functionality of a behavior is not set in cement and behavior modifications occur. This means that a fortunate behavior due to experience can be modified to express in an unfortunate manner and an unfortunate behavior can be modified to express in a fortunate manner. Your ineffective behaviors are having ineffective outcomes and the pain and discomfort you’re feeling is requesting you to modify your behavior.

Your soul’s consciousness is the sum of its measurable attributes. And your birthchart makes this data available. It’s a self-data generator. And each bit of data comes with a number that describes its strength and functionality. The numbers present a dynamic way of judging the strength and functional integrity of your unconscious drivers. They allow you to explore, conjecture and reason logically about your astrology code, character, intelligence type and life experience. And in an accurate chart the numbers never lie. They measure the influence and functionality of every thought you think.

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