Astrology, mathematics and measurement

Mathematics is not a calculation. The addition, subtraction and multiplying of numbers is applied mathematics. The science of mathematics is about quantity, space and abstract structures – beautiful structures like cathedrals and birthcharts. And your chart’s simplicity and richness of detail make it an object of art.

In mathematics, especially geometry, the birthchart is a dynamic moving structure. The planets have become mathematical points in space and the zodiac has become a mathematical framework and your birthchart has become a mathematical pattern of your character, the only blueprint of your mind and temperament that’s currently available. This means that the planets and signs in your chart symbolize forces within your mind and the application of numbers and mathematical rules – applied mathematics – allows you to solve the most intangible and elusive problems regarding your human nature.

Mathematics is the master-key of Aquarian Age science. It’s essential to all the sciences. From the scientific angle the key point is measurement, and astrology, in order to gain recognition as a science, had to be dealt with in terms that correspond to mathematical formulae. So, Hermetic astrology developed a method for measuring the strength and functionality of each individual marker in any birthchart. That’s when mathematics and astrology became a dynamic combination, but mathematics can’t prove or disprove astrology.

Astrology is surprisingly mathematical. Numbers permit the accurate measurement of the astrological energies pictured in any birthchart and now they have revolutionized the way the birthchart is assessed and understood. Mathematics is central to problem solving and problem solving is central to your life experience, and the application of numbers will assist you to solve problems and self-develop in the most effective way.

Measurement is indispensable when interpreting human behavior. And the mathematical measurements in astrology provide a numerical description of your nature. They provide precise quantitative and qualitative measurements of the astrology code displayed in your birthchart. The measurements allow you to reason about yourself using numbers. They’re the means by which more precise conclusions can be drawn from the astrological data. When evaluating your birthchart the numbers take away the guesswork and permit a clearer understanding of the astro-data. They will revolutionize your capacity to understand yourself and to evaluate and examine new situations as they arise.

Your birthchart is a mathematical model of your character and the rules of astrology allow you to precisely calculate and forecast your character’s reaction to circumstance. Astrology geometrized psychology. But this is only one of its many applications. Pythagoras said that mathematics was the language of nature. The laws of nature are made of numbers. Later they described time. They’ve become the laws of motion and your self-development is a moving process, not a series of static frames. So mathematics offers you a powerful way of understanding your astrology code and of thinking about yourself.

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